1. johntheman123

    Hybrid (Balanced and Dynamic) IEMs?

    Other than the Unique Miracle Merlins, what other universal and or custom IEM's out there have a hybrid Dynamic and Balanced setup?   Thanks!
  2. Profoundsoup

    Need help deciding on new IEM's / Closed headphones but ive kinda given up on the closed headphones lol

    Would you guys say the Shure SE535 / Westone UM3X / Audeo PFE 232 / and the Westone W4 sound better than any under $1000 closed headphone on the market? If so witch one out of the 3 is the most comfortable and sounds the best? Please comment below. Thank you!!!    Edit - Im not looking for...
  3. ete_pl

    Looking for people who auditioned Audeo PFE 232, Westone 4r and shure 846 - is shure se846 much better?

    Hi all,   the question stated in the Topic is pretty much it - I am looking for people who had/auditioned/extensively compared these 3 iems. Are shure SIGNIFICANTLY better than audeos? I'm asking, because I am in the market for new universal iems and I want to hit it right at the 1st time.  ...
  4. throzen0303

    Review: Audeo PFE 232

        Specifications Specification of Phonak Audéo PFE in-ear earphones Driver Dual balanced armature Frequency response 5 Hz–17 kHz Sensitivity   ·         Gray filter 109 dBSPL/mW, 1 kHz ·         Black filter 107 dBSPL/mW, 1 kHz...
  5. Audeo PFE 232 Perfect fit Earphones with Mic

    Audeo PFE 232 Perfect fit Earphones with Mic

    Audeo PFE 232 Perfect fit Earphones with Mic