1. NickJ

    Schiit Asgard 2 vs. Lyr 2 (vs. Asus XONAR essence st)

    With the acquisition of my new headphones (Hifiman HE560), I decided I wanted to step up from my Asus xonar essence ST soundcard to some dedicated amplification. Although the HE560 has low impedance, it is inefficient, and I assumed that having some additional headroom might improve dynamics and...
  2. jrodefeld

    I'm replacing my sound card. Any advise?

    Hello everyone,   I am in the process of upgrading my computer.  I have an Asus Xonar Essence ST sound card.  But unfortunately most new motherboards don't have standard PCI connections anymore.  Everything is PCI Express.  So I'll have to sell the ST and replace it.   Now I was thinking of...
  3. Crado

    Gaming/music headphones

    Hello,     I am looking for new headphones but don't know which to buy.   I will be using it mainly for gaming but also want to listen a decent amount of music with it. Currently I own the sennheiser momentum which aren't bad but not too great when you're wearing them too long. I have a...
  4. xLox

    Asus Xonar Essence ST/STX vs. HRT MicroStreamer

    Hi,   I've bought new headphones Audio-technica ATH-AD700, and I want to buy DAC+AMP combo. I'm deciding between Xonar Essence and MicroStreamer, but I don't know which one choose. I know that Essence is internal and MicroStreamer is external, but it's not important for me. I want to use it...
  5. gokica

    Somebody to build me DYI amp for HD650

    Hi,   I have been absent long time from the forum.   Currently I am driving my Sennheiser HD650 on ASUS Xonar ST.   What I would like to ask this wonderful community is whether there is someone skillful for DYI projects to build me a custom amp for my headphones. Maybe a vacuum tube amp or...
  6. hpfalcon

    why buy soundcard with dedicated amp along with desktop amp?

    I am planning on getting some 600 ohm headphones (probably the dt880 or 990), mainly for computer use, and am planning on buying a new soundcard, and desktop amp. I don't want to 'waste' the headphones so I want to drive them properly and well(enough). I watch movies, play games, listen to...
  7. xavier911

    Recommendations (using ASUS Xonar ST)

    Yo everybody, I've spent the last few weeks reading hundreds of threads and countless opinions to find a good replacement for my PC360s (they have some problems that are driving me nuts). Firstly, my budget is €200 (I can exceed it, not by too much though) and, as I've written in the title...
  8. alienwareee

    RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 VS Asus Essence ST

    Hi there, does anyone have any experience with RME sound cards? I wonder will that be better than Asus cards? I do have Asus xonar D2X but want try something else, maybe better. Don`t like drivers and stability problems on Asus. All what i need, sound card to connect my old NAD c352 amp and...
  9. MarkM82

    ASUS Xonar Essence ST vs. CEntrance DACPort

    Hi everybody, this is my first post here. About one year ago, after many internet searches, I bought an entry-level audiophile kit: the headphones in my avatar (AKG K601) and a used ASUS Xonar Essence ST. Low budget, anyway a good start, and I enjoyed them a lot... until I had to move for...
  10. BigTerminator

    In Need of External Crossover For Subwoofer

    Hello,   My current audiophile listening experience takes place with the components in my sig. I have a 2.1 setup of studio monitors and subwoofer going through an Asus Essence ST with an H6 card. Well my H6 does not work so I am getting it RMA'd. This 5.1 add on card gives me a dedicated sub...
  11. dsdsds

    Headphones suck or is it me?

    Well i got a pair of decent headphones, i got an amp and connected them to my computer well eh ...     i can bear any sound from instruments okay thats fine, but the voices? the voices of a song? man they are like in the center of my head it just hurts a lot, is there a way to widen it...
  12. Burro

    Is the Asus Xonar Essence STX and Sennheiser HD650 a good combo?

    Hi all,    this is my first post on this forum. I've been reading through many threads today trying to determine whether or not my planned audio solution is going to provide quality sound in the various areas I need.    I listen to music through my PC with onboard realtek sound and a...
  13. Razeredge

    Sound card for gaming/music with ATH-AD700s?

    Could I get help choosing a soundcard for gaming/music to go with my ATH-AD700s? My budget is about $120 or less.   I was thinking about the X-Fi Titanium HD, but I'm not sure.   My motherboard is an ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3, with a 2500k.
  14. Chris Haigh

    Different Xonar Sound cards

    Hello.   I'm about to buy one of the asus Xonar sound cards.   For my purposes all it will do is process a digital audio signal. It needs to output this  through SPDIF to my E17.     After almost of month of researching into these sound cards I don't really know what their...
  15. dpark

    Fiio E10 vs Xonar Essence ST With Sennheiser HD 650

    Hi, I recently bought a Sennheiser HD 650 and need something to drive them with. Would getting the Asus Xonar Essence ST have a better sound quality over the Fiio E10? I'm willing to spend up to $200ish for a Dac or sound card. I'll be using it for mostly music. Thanks
  16. JD1993

    HiFiman HE-400 DAC/AMP combo?

    So I've been powering my HiFiman HE-400's off of a FiiO e7 Amp/Dac, and it really isn't powering it as fully as it can. What are some good ~$200 DAC/AMP combos that can power the HiFiman HE-400's?
  17. JCDaya

    Do I need an Amp for the AKG K550?

    Planning to buy the AKG K550 very soon, and I'm wondering if it is needed to drive the headphone. I am planning to use the headphone on my desktop computer. If so, what amp do you guys suggest on buying?   Thanks Guys, ~Newbie
  18. Cebi

    Audio newbie in need of some help

    Hi all,   I have an Asus Xonar Essence ST with Sennheiser IE80s plugged in, and being the audio newbie that I am, I have a couple of questions. :)   Firstly, should I be looking into getting an amp? The sound levels definitely don't need a boost, but I hear that amps are used to improve...
  19. Stealth3si

    Newbie question: Upgrade from Asus Xonar DX to HT | Omega Claro Halo or Xonar Essence ST/STX?

    Which one to upgrade?   What I currently use is: Headphone: Beyerdynamics DT-770 Pro-80 External headphone amp: O2 Desktop Amp Sound Card: Asus Xonar DX Home Theatre 5.1 System: Denon AVR 1712, Pioneer BS41, C21, BS21, SVS PC12-NSD   What I do is: On Headphone: 85% PC music...
  20. rhyick

    Xonar ST, HT Omega Claro Halo, or Xonar DX + Amp?

    Hi everyone,   I have a I question about what would solution pair best with my Beyerdynamic DT-990 600 Ohms.  My usage is approximately 70% music, 30% gaming -- LoL, Skyrim, occasional FPS.   I'm currently considering a few options.  Feel free to add other suggestions to the mix.  ...
  21. wuli1231232000

    little problems about my desktop hifi configuration

    Hey guys, I am totally new here, so if there is any stupid question plz forgive me lol   Currently i am building a desktop hifi in my room. I compared various bookshelf speakers in Bestbuy and I really like Klipsch speakers and Polkaudio subwoofers putting together. They are really capable...
  22. iztis

    Does 3.5mm audio cable matter?

    Hey guys, just wondering if the audio cable bringing sound out from my Xonar Essence ST to my speakers (the usual RCA to 3.5mm Y cable) makes any difference? I usually use my headphones, but occasionally I like to chill with my speakers and not have anything around my head.   So I was...
  23. dbbrauns

    Need help - new to PC Gaming Audio - soundcard pairing? with DT770 Pro 80

    have done a lot of research, but need some help from the pros    I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80's - will be used 65% gaming (FPS (Battlefield 3) so positional cues are very important), 35% Movies (likely via home theater receiver on separate TV, with some occasional PC movie...
  24. fatmaggot

    Help with buying an amp.

    hi, i was looking to upgrade my home system, as i am just playing out of my computer at the moment, through my horrible dell speaker. i was wondering what what amp/dac should i get, as i am planning on buying the dt990 pro's for home use next year. I was thinking the nuforce icon hdp, but i...
  25. iztis

    Best way to get Dolby Headphone: Xonar DG with FiiO E17 or Xonar Essence ST alone?

    Hey guys   I have a set of Beyer DT770s 80Ohm.   I recently bought a Creative X-Fi Surround HD USB soundcard. It sounds fantastic BUT the THX TruStudio Surround Pro sucks big time, and when I'm taking a break from music listening to game it is a NO GO. I have heard Dolby Headphone before...