1. wots

    Can you identify this headphone stand?

          Happy 2013!   Thanks if you know what the stand is.
  2. Sonido

    Wow Skullcandy CEO looking to "innovate" headphone industry   Warning: Not for those with high blood pressure. The statements will make your blood boil. Heck it makes you almost want to root for Beats.   Best part was when he proclaimed that there hasn't been anything new in technology in the headphone...
  3. xiton

    Best Gaming Headsets (Not Headphones + Mic)

    Hello all,   I know, I know. The first thing people will say is to get a good pair of headphones and a zalman mic, or something similar. Ideally, this will give me the best audio, but I do not like the mic quality or voice sound when doing it this way.   I'm looking for a headset that...
  4. sheamus

    Astro Gaming 7.1 MixAmp

    I know this topic pops up from time to time, but I have a question.   The Astro MixAmp takes a 5.1 and 7.1 and down mixes it to stereo. Many claim this produce this produces better positional audio that the multi-speaker head phones (ie. Tritton AX Pros).   Well I run my 5.1 speaker...
  5. Goride

    Need help with a headphone to compliment Sennheiser HD 555/595

    Preface:   Hi, I'm a student on a budget and I need some advice.  (Note:  because I think it might be relevant here, I am slightly deaf.  For the most part I can hear ok, but do have trouble hearing high frequencies).   I have recently ordered: Sennheiser HD595 ($130) Sennheiser...
  6. mcnoiserdc

    Console Gaming Surround Headphones Solutions and Virtual Surround Processors

    * This is a work in Progress, so please help if you think you can. I will also add a multiple drivers sets and decoders too, may be tomorrow, I am just a lazy guy, lol!   I decided to write this compilation of solutions for console, mainly xbox 360, but it applies to ps3 with little...
  7. jronan2

    Fiio e9 with Astro Mixamp for Gaming

    Just wondering if anyone used the fiio e9 with the astro mixamp for gaming. I don't even know if its possible just asking if anyone has and what headset/headphones did you use, and of course how did you set it up. Thanks
  8. SammyS

    Astro mixamp wired or Astro mixamp wireless

    I'm about to buy the mixamp. Does anyone have the wireless version? Does it have to be powered by batteries? Meaning, can I somehow connect the receiver and transmitter to power? How does the wired vs wireless mixamp compare sound quality wise?
  9. soundnoob

    Surround Sound movie and gaming on headphones! CONFUSED!

    First and foremost, I am a complete noob. Please forgive my ignorance. Also, there is a tl;dr at the bottom, but reading the whole post would be great :D   I have scoured the forums, and come across so much information, a lot of it has been conflicting and at this point I am so confused...
  10. crowKAKAWWW

    Need help finding an amp around $150!

    I am considering getting the Astro Mixamp for my HD595, and thought there HAS to be a better amp I can get for the same price, anybody got suggestions?
  11. akaTRENT

    Review: Astro MixAmp

    Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly an Audiophile amp per say, but I just made a review of the Astro Mixamp. As a part of my A30 Audio system review. It's a video on my youtube!     Let me know what you think. Its the main video on my page.  ...
  12. Ear Damage

    New Astro headset

    More than likely it will sound worse than their bigger brother, the A40 Astro A30 Audio System
  13. loganirado

    ASTRO Mixamp x JVC SU-DH1 x Other?

    Hello. I'm looking for this kind of gear to hook up to my PS3 and use some headphones. I'm still considering which headphone to buy and I learned that depending on which model I choose, I won't be able to experience everything it has to offer without the so called amp.   I'm new to all this...
  14. Steggy

    ::::Steggy's 2nd roundup review, featuring 10 Headsets and Headphones::::

    Hey guys. Here is a comparison review of 10 headsets and headphones, from companies like Astro, Audio Technica, SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, Sennheiser, and Razer. So voila. Before you guys are done viewing this page, I ask that you please visit the links to the video reviews, even if it is...
  15. CodyZ532

    Odd Situation...

    Alright so I own a onkyo r667 receiver that came in my lower end HTIB Onkyo 6100 (700$ all together, so not that great).  Now if I'm buying the ad700's for gaming on my pc/ps3 that both go through my receiver would my receiver be able to push the phones well enough since they are lower quality...