1. Coolzo

    AZ Head-Fi MiniCon the Fifth: September 10th 2022

    LATEST UPDATE 9/8/22: SchiitKit information added. Gear list updated 9/8/22 It's been a while since covid mucked us up, but we're back, for reals! Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified...
  2. Coolzo

    [RESCHEDULED, SEE NEW THREAD] Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Fifth

    We've rescheduled for 2022! New thread here:
  3. Coolzo

    [A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017

    LATEST UPDATE: Audeze will be providing sets of their iSine10, iSine20, LCD-X, and LCD-XC! Also, MrSpeakers has provided his latest electrostatic Ether-ES prototype, along with the Aeon Flow (both open and closed)! Stay tuned for more updates! Greetings, denizens of Head-Fi and of Arizona, It...