1. Dan Lee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD @davesa was kind enough to point out to me that my original asking price was higher than the going rate. I am recently unemployed and am selling the best dac I've ever owned. $3300 OTD I will cover shipping and fees. I've estimated shipping to be around $100 because of size...
  2. Darkestred

    FS: Effect Ares 2 3.5 (single ended) - Like new - $120 shipped

    Up for sale is an Effect Audio Ares II cable. This is singled-ended (3.5mm). Bought this cable to compare with the Thor 2. Used once. Outside USA - you pay shipping.
  3. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Empire Ears Phantom Universal w/Ares II 4.4mm

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** In Excellent Condition with Ares II 1/4" Balanced cable. Includes: - EE Universal - All Original Packaging - Original Accessories - Ares II 4.4mm TRRS - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fee
  4. alxw0w

    FOUND [FT] Chord Mojo Mint warranty. For Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hello I have mint Chord Mojo for trade. Unit was bought 28-10-2019. Sop it's still on warranty. I want to trade in Mojo for Denafrips Ares I or II DAC or maybe Chord 2qute (must be in black). Of course with additional money from my side. Feel free to contact FOUND
  5. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] Denafrips Ares I

    Hi! I'm moving to a mobile system, so it's time to clean shop. This bad boy's in great shape, like new condition. (no cosmetic issues I can find) Will ship anywhere, buyer pays discounted shipping and fees. Will be thoroughly sanitized before shipment. Price is firm. Thanks so much for...
  6. Sunstealer

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference Universal - PRICE DROP!

    Rarely seen for sale here on Headfi so get them while you can. I acquired these from a fellow headfier after being captured by their sound at a London Canjam. They are in good condition. A slightly warm but overall balanced signature that holds its own against the Andromeda (IMO). Works well...
  7. F700

    SOLD Violectric V280 SE/BA Amp in mint condition

    I am selling my Violectric V280 headphone amp. It has approx. 100 hours mileage and was bought in January 2018 direct from Violectric website in Germany. The purchase price was EUR 1’400.-. It comes with the original cardboard box, a 230V plug, the instruction manual and a pair of high-end RCA...
  8. QwertyQmin

    WTB (US-TX): Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hi! I'm looking to overhaul my system and am willing to pay $580 for an Ares I, probably around $650 for an Ares II. Price would include fees but not shipping. If you happen to have one you're looking to let go of, shoot me a PM and let's deal! Thanks for looking!
  9. Layman1

    iBasso Cables For Sale CB13 & CB12s (2.5mm balanced, MMCX)

    Hi all, Have some cables that I'm willing to let go of for the right price :) I'm giving details below, along with links to the official product pages so you can check any details you wish. Would prefer to sell to someone in the UK/EU, but will consider further afield if the price is right...
  10. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Please close

    In Excellent Condition with Ares II 1/4" Balanced cable. Includes: - EE Universal - All Original Packaging - Original Accessories - Ares II w/4.4mm TRRS - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fee I will consider international shipping if requested in your initial PM.
  11. powertoold

    SOLD: *AS NEW* Denafrips Ares USB DAC with balanced XLR output

    I am selling this essentially brand new Denafrips Ares DAC that I received 3 days ago. It has less than an hour of total on time. It has not been burned in and works perfectly. There is a minor blemish on the top of the DAC. I'm not sure if it came that way, or I caused it. You can see it in...
  12. N

    {Updated Price} Sony WM1Z + EE Legend X + EA Eros II 8-wire + Extras!!!

    I have a Sony wm1z in great condition ($2400). It also comes with a Benks TPU case that is in excellent condition ($30), a Dignis Alcantara case that is in excellent condition ($150), a sony silicone case that came with it when I bought it, the Benks Magic curved edge glass screen protector...
  13. DRHamp

    SOLD: Denafrips Ares DAC

    I am selling my Denefrips Ares Dac with Amanero Usb. I am the second owner and purchased the Ares from a fellow Head-fier in March, 2018. It is in perfect working order but has one blemish on the right side-front where I clumsily let it rub against my streamer. See the pictures for details. This...
  14. rantng

    FS - Effect Audio Ares II+ 2-pin 3.5mm cable

    As the title says, EA Ares II+ cable 2-pin w/3.5mm SE termination. Sounds great, but not the most ergonomic. I do most of my listening on the go and this cable is a little too stiff. The aluminum 2-pin connector covers sometimes slip off. These seem to be glued on and this is a known issue...
  15. Vitaly2017

    SOLD SOLD shure se846 effect audio ares 2. SOLD SOLD

    Hi everyone, DX200 I am selling a dx200 plus all my amps... A dap in very good brand new shape. It was recently rma by ibasso and they change a brand new pcb and brand new battery inside. So this is literally brand new! I did listen around 150 to 200 on it already so its flawless and burn in is...
  16. Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares Universal Fit In-Ear Monitor The Vsonic Ares is a Single Dynamic Driver IEM with a pretty unique design. Features: All new full metal design And handbraided 4 core cable. Specification: Driver: 11 mm CCAW carbon nanotube driver Frequency: 10Hz- 28000 Hz Efficiency: 50...
  17. N

    FS: Empire Ears Zeus XR Adel Universals w/ Effect Audio Ares II+ Cable

    I'm selling these. I've had the headphones for four months. I just purchased the cable 3 weeks ago. Both items are in great condition. I'm asking for 1950 OBO with paypal and shipping included. These Adel XR's are no longer offered by EE: They only offer the non-adel version now. And, you can no...
  18. TPSRA

    Sold: Denafrips Ares

    Used about 1 year, good condition Price doesn't include shipping and paypal fee. Contents only include the DAC itself and original box. minor marks at the bottom
  19. Schwibbles

    Denafrips Ares - SOLD

    Ares Sold. Deleting this post to keep the amp for sale in the amp forum.
  20. Schwibbles


  21. willsw


    After a long time spent with this DAC, comparing it to many others, using it in different systems, I was feeling very good about having it in my system as a fairly permanent resident. And then a very good deal on an obscure DAC I had been interested in popped up, I jumped on it, realized I can't...
  22. ranfan


    Bonus: + Effect Audio Cable: - - A) Ares II (2,5-mm) + MAM (Manual Adjusted Module) for ADEL [/SPOILER]
  23. MBK1Musica


    Looking to buy an Ares R2R dac. Shipped to Brooklyn.
  24. MBK1Musica

    WTB: Denafrips Ares DAC

    Looking to buy an Ares DAC in the USA