ares ii
  1. Metalomaniac

    For Sale or Trade: Effect Audio Ares II 2-pin to 3.5mm cable

    Selling barely used mint condition Ares II. Ares II boasts a proprietary blend of 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with ultra-flexible insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each cable is terminated in an ultra durable 3.5mm, 24k Oyaide gold plated right angle...
  2. Darkestred

    FS: Effect Ares 2 3.5 (single ended) - Like new - $120 shipped

    Up for sale is an Effect Audio Ares II cable. This is singled-ended (3.5mm). Bought this cable to compare with the Thor 2. Used once. Outside USA - you pay shipping.
  3. marcgii

    [WTB] Denafrips Ares II DAC (or Bifrost 2, or Soekris dac1421)

    I know this is a long shot. But I'm hoping someone will eventually come around with one I'm mainly want the Ares II, but the Schiit Bifrost 2 and Soekris dac1421 are also on my radar. So if you're willing to cut me a deal, feel free to make me an offer.
  4. NewEve

    FS: Jomo Audio Haka with Effect Audio Ares II and new Grandioso cable

    (No trades) Excellent condition, comes with Effect Audio's Audio Ares II and their new Grandioso cable Reason for selling: Financing the next reviews Comes with: All original box & papers, Jomo Audio IEM aluminium case & Effect Audio's Audio Ares II and new Grandioso cable Selling for: USD $...
  5. Loke13


    Hello. today for sale I have used Effect Audio Ares II cable with a 3.5mm plug and 2pin connectors. Cable used in very good condition
  6. Sunstealer

    *** SOLD *** Effect Audio Ares II 4W 2.5mm 2 pin

    2.5mm 4W Ares II with FLAT 2pin connectors: SOLD! Please check the photos to make sure you are happy with the connector style!
  7. yfei

    [Sold] Effect Audio ARES II 8 Wire

    Effect Audio ARES II 8 Wire cable, 2pin, 3.5mm plug
  8. dewy22


  9. Erfan Elahi

    Effect Audio Ares II Bespoke 8 Braid - 4.4mm, 2 Pins

    up for my sale is the Effect Audio Ares II Bespoke 8 Braid - 4.4mm, 2 Pins Good condition, PM for pictures. World-wide shipping via post delivery within 3 weeks. Asking price 180 Euros including shipping and PP fees. To be noted, I don't have the stock box anymore.
  10. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Custom Phantom + Ares II Bespoke 4.4mm SOld

    Hi I am selling my beloved custom empire ears phantoms with my ares II 8wires cable. The cable is terminated to 4.4mm balanced sony pentacon with carbon fiber plug. Reason of sell, with all my audiophile pathe I acquired newer higher end gear. My hearing has reached a new lvl of evolution in...
  11. QwertyQmin

    WTB (US-TX): Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hi! I'm looking to overhaul my system and am willing to pay $580 for an Ares I, probably around $650 for an Ares II. Price would include fees but not shipping. If you happen to have one you're looking to let go of, shoot me a PM and let's deal! Thanks for looking!
  12. W

    [FS] Empire Ears Universal Legend X *mint*

    Selling my EE universal Legend X that has been barely used at all (<10h total play time) Pretty much brand new; no scratches. Comes with all original accessories and stock Ares II cable in 2.5mm It also includes a bespoke cable from Effect Audio: Thor Silver II 8 wires (original cost $1050)...
  13. Layman1

    iBasso Cables For Sale CB13 & CB12s (2.5mm balanced, MMCX)

    Hi all, Have some cables that I'm willing to let go of for the right price :) I'm giving details below, along with links to the official product pages so you can check any details you wish. Would prefer to sell to someone in the UK/EU, but will consider further afield if the price is right...
  14. Sunstealer

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference

    Hardware: iBasso DX228 (Mango OS, High gain, Apodizing filter), Fiio 4.4mm-2.5mm adapter. I acquired these from a fellow headfier after being captured by their sound at the recent London Canjam. They came with a single-ended Ares II cable which I sent back to Effect Audio in Singapore to be...
  15. Karendar

    (SOLD) Effect Audio Ares II 0.78 2 pin cable

    Hello, Selling an Effect Audio Ares II 4 core cable. It was recently reterminated at EA due to faulty 2 pin connector. Cable works great and only shows wear on the 3.5mm jack. Selling due to upgrading cables. Will ship anywhere as long as seller pays shipping fees and necessary warranty...
  16. pali

    FT: My EA Ares II 2pin 2.5mm to Your EA Ares II MMCX 3.5mm (or other cables)

    Hey headfiers! Trading my Ares II 2pin 2.5mm, which has been barely used because I upgraded my Phantom's cable right after getting it. It's an excellent copper cable, which is why I want an MMCX 3.5mm version for my backup IEMs (Shure SE215). If you have other cables that are MMCX 3.5mm that...
  17. theiratepirate

    64 Audio A6t, Ares II cable (3.5mm)

    I am the original owner of these CIEMs and modules. These were purchased directly from 64 audio less than 1 year ago. A6t: $400 (shipping included): The included clear cable has a 3.5 mm termination. Comes in original packaging and is in excellent condition. Ares II cable (3.5 mm): +$50: Only...
  18. DrumSeb

    Effect audio Horus Cable

    SOLD !!! Hey guys, i got a Horus cable 2pins, 2.5mm ended in perfect condition. Im the second owners and i don’t have the box. But i will add a Pelikan hard case. You know how much cost this cable. So im selling it for less then half of the price. Thank you
  19. honeyjjack

    Endgame mini Mini

    Custom interconnects made for me (gave cable maker plugs and cables. WBT silver solder used) The prices seem high but they are cheaper than the price that was put into making them. Prices include shipping to anywhere and paypal fees. From left to right -ALO sxc 19awg 9 wire 250usd These wires...
  20. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Empire Ears Bravado universal w/2.5mm Ares II

    Empire Ears Bravado universal w/Effect Audio Ares II 2.5mm balanced cable. I’m the second owner. I got these about 2 weeks ago. No marks on the faceplates. The W9 bass driver in these reaches deep. Alas, I’ve been listening to my A12 again and even though its bass doesn’t reach as deep, it...
  21. Tobias89

    Empire Ears Bravado

    Looking to sell my EE Bravado. Very good condition, practically unused. Comes with original Effect Audio Ares ii cable (3.5mm) Got it around middle of this year. Looking for 500USD with shipping and paypal fees. PM me to offer or discuss.
  22. aaf evo

    [WTS] - Effect Audio Ares II 8 wire w Psquared 2.5mm

    I just bought this off of classifieds, received it last week. I’ve decided that 8 wire cables are not for me due to comfort issues so I’ll be selling it and using my regular Ares 4 wire indefinitely. 2pin 2.5mm PSquared platinum-plated connector Here is the original thread...
  23. fuhransahis


    Hello, Selling my Effect Audio Ares II, 2-pin, 2.5mm copper cable. Near new condition, no scratches that I've been able to notice, perfect working condition. Price includes PayPal and domestic US shipping. Let me know if any questions!
  24. Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference (E.S.R)