1. wolfetan44

    New music player or a new Portable amp?

    What would be the best idea? I already have a 64GB iPod touch. So would it be worth it to get a new music player or just get a portable amp for it? Budget is $275 because that's what I would probably get for it.
  2. silvernoy

    looking for new DAP.

    apple ipod touch 4g 32gb or cowon j3 32gb would be better? would be looking to get second hand ones.    currently using the yamaha-eph100 and creative aurvana live!   thanks in advance! :)
  3. a1right

    ipod line in and line out

    could I input a hd radio in and digital out at the same time with a Ipod touch?
  4. olear

    Query: are there SQ differences between ipod nano vs ipod touch and Clip+ ?

    Anyone have impressions and hear differences between 7th generation ipod nano and 4th generation ipod touch and/or Clip+ ?
  5. NDat

    Portable Music Player? <250$

    I'm thinking of getting a music player, I have few (but important) criterion for them.   Plays FLAC I have about 20gb of music, so anything above that Under 250$ Relatively long battery life (~5 hours min) Ships to Canada (please)   Are there any good music players that fit this...
  6. jomarr

    Is selling my iPod touch 4g for an iPod Classic (6g or 7g) worth it?

    The reason why I'm selling my touch is because I'm thinking of getting a smartphone now since I'm working now and need the convenience in my pocket (and yes, also 3G and internet all the time). I'm planning on getting the SGS3 or the HTC One X (yes please do tell me what you prefer) :D  ...
  7. Nyanman

    JVC FXT-90 alternative

    Hi all :D. I have a pair of jvc fxt90's and i love the sound,punchy bass,clear and engaging mids and sparkly highs.Sadly,i've had to return them due to a problem with the jack.I'm looking for the same kind of sound in a portable headphone.I listen to happy hardcore/hardstyle/dubstep,all sorts of...
  8. Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

    Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL