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    Mixing up old school (iPod Mini) and new school (E12A). The new AudioMinor hybrid cable sounds marv.
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  6. bangraman

    Hi-MD vs iPod: MZ-NH1 vs iPod Mini reviewed

    Sony MZ-NH1 vs iPod Mini With a global launch due soon for the iPod Mini, and the upper-model Hi-MD machines from Sony also soon I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to write about how the two compare. I’ve taken the flagship MZ-NH1 from Sony (a final production unit, not a...
  7. PouncePony

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    Let me un-highjack the "Cheapest 16GB ogg-enabled player thread. I've replaced the 4GB micro-drive in an IPod Mini with a 32GB compact flash card. Here is where the idea came from. IPod Mini - eBay purchase, $50 total A-Data 32GB compact flash card - from NewEgg $135. High capacity...
  8. Apple iPod Mini 4 GB (Green)

    Apple iPod Mini 4 GB (Green)

    iPod Mini 2nd generation, 4 GB model, Green, ©2005