1. keaggy220

    Introduction and Desktop Amp Recommendation

    I recently became addicted to high-end headphones.  I tired out the HiFiMan HE-400, the PSB M4U 1 and the Sennheiser HD 600.  I decided to go with the Sennheiser HD 600.  I felt that they gave a bit more all-around detail, were the most neutral and had the tightest bass.  I love them.  Now I'm...
  2. jaydjay

    AirPort friendly speaker system

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on here. I don't know anything so I'd like to ask you for advice, if I may. I'm looking for a speaker system that I could connect to an AirPort to stream music from iPhone/mac/iPad, BUT that could also potentially be used to connect a record...
  3. FGondim

    Audio In/Out over a Micro Usb

    Hi,   Is it possible to connect a usb cable to my mobile (in this case a GalaxyS3) and use it to audio in/out? For example, use my headset (mic+sound) to use skype on my mobile or take a call.   I'm asking it because I want to build a dock where I would have everything connect on the dock...
  4. zzffnn

    1000GB flac on-the-go successfully, streaming to iPhone/iPad/Android portables

    Edit: This is an old post / old approach, which is mainly used in home setting. See 2nd post for truly portable streaming. Please share you user experiences herein, if you have use a NAS as a flac server to stream to portable devices. Experiences from any similar devices (any NAS, any...
  5. Sludig

    iPad mini retina and iPad Air sound quality and impedance output

    Hello,   I´m trying to find some information about new Apple´s tablet, but only information/measurements about sound quality are from gsmarena, where they talk about its sound in a good way in iPad Air case, but not very well with the mini one: ...
  6. dikkiedirk

    USB Battery powerpack with data passthrough?

    Are there any rechargeable powerpacks available that i can use to power an external dac to avoid the "device not available, too much power power draw" error on my  ipad?
  7. Sound Eq

    whcih fiio works as dac for ipad mini running ios 6.1.2 jailbreak

    hello guys   i know I ask many questions, but plz bare with me as I am still learning   i have an ipad mini that runs ios 6.1.2 and it has jailbreak, I want to find a fiio that can work as a dac on my ipad mini   which fiio can work as a dac and cables and connectors do I need   Note I...
  8. Smoken Joe

    New iPad Air First impressions.

    I picked up the new iPad air with no music aspirations I already have plenty of sources iPhone older iPo etc.  There is significantly more power behind this device. It has enough to adequately power my AKG 702 for non critical listening. It is not the same experience as with a good amp but it is...
  9. PaulieB

    NAS for Marantz MCR510 & PS3

    I am looking for recommendations for a NAS to use with my Marantz MCR510 and PS3. What I want to achieve is to access all my media files wirelessly with my iPad, Android phone, laptop (windows 7) and Marantz remote control and play through my MCR510 (audio) and PS3 (video).   Also, do I need...
  10. Malfunkt

    CanOpener - an impressive Crossfeed, and EQ app for iPhone and iPad. Pretty much a must have.

    I've been searching for something that did this well. Not only has this been created in part by a sound and mastering engineer ( who knows his stuff, but the interface design is fantastic as well.    While it has some initial presets for some gear like SRH-840s, it...
  11. ktmracer12345

    iPad Air

    I've searched quite a bit for info on the iPad Air. It seems like there is a lack of info on using it as a source. I'm currently using an iPad Air playing either Spotify or FLAC files. This outputs via the headphone port into an O2 amp. From here I usually use my AKG Q701's, but I also have a...
  12. earphiler

    Black iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi, great screen 5.1.1/6.1/6.1.2 shsh blobs + extra

    Purchased this as an open box from best buy in the beginning of the summer looking new in wrap, after going through like 5 iPad 3's with multiple hues and pink bleed from the corners, I found a few open boxes and picked the one in best condition and more importantly with the best screen before...
  13. noobass456

    Ipad Mini Vs Galaxy S III as music source? (Unamped)

    Hi, anyone manage to compare the sound between this 2 players? Which one sounds better when unamped (Just the stock player) ? I knew that the SIII has an Wolfson which gives excellent sound, what about the Ipad Mini? Thanks alot.
  14. nimano45

    Best phone for music? S4 or Note 3 or HTC One or Z1?

    I want to buy a new phone, and since music is obviously very important to me, I want to know your opinion on which phone is the best for music-listening. I am considering the Samsung S4 and Note 3, the Sony Xperia Z1 and the HTC One. I am currently listening to rap and EDM music with my Klipsch...
  15. bodopopa

    micromedia mydac with ipad?

    does anyone know if this dac works with ipad via camera connection kit? or other similar dacs in the 300-400 dollar range?
  16. ComradeDylie

    iPad/iPhone Dock Search

    Hey you guys does anyone know of a dock (lightning or 30 pin) that has AC power and a lightning/30 pin passthrough?   The goal of this would be to have a nice docked iPad set up that was always charging AND be able to connect a CCK to it!
  17. Red Jacket Mike

    Mac Mini: HDMI Video with USB audio?

    Hello- I searched for anything close to this topic before starting a new thread; couldn't find anything on Head-Fi or elsewhere, so here goes.   I have a 2011 headless Mac Mini, running Audirvana Plus in the iTunes integrated mode.  I am running the latest iTunes, and the latest Mavericks OS...
  18. -su

    Tablets to external USB DAC

    Other than iPad via its USB Camera kit, does anyone here know which one of these tablets can connect to an external USB DAC? Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, Dell Streak, HP Touch, etc? It will only be used as transport for playing my media files.   Thanks
  19. JoeFonebone

    ios7, iPhone and Apple CCK

    Has anybody tried to connect an iPhone (running iOS7) to a DAC or USB/SPDIF device (with or without a powered hub) via the Apple Camera Connector Kit? The CCK did not work with the iPhone with iOS6 and there were rumors that it would with iOS7.
  20. Apple Ipad Mini - 16gb - Black (Wi-fi)

    Apple Ipad Mini - 16gb - Black (Wi-fi)

    iPad mini features a beautiful 7.9-inch display, iSight and FaceTime cameras, the A5 chip, ultrafast wireless, and up to 10 hours of battery life. And over 275,000 apps on the App Store made for iPad also work with iPad mini. So it's an iPad in every way, shape, and slightly smaller form.