apple airpods max
  1. Apple AirPods Max

    Apple AirPods Max

    Audio Technology Apple-designed dynamic driver Active Noise Cancellation Transparency mode Adaptive EQ Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking1 Sensors Optical sensor (each ear cup) Position sensor (each ear cup) Case-detect sensor (each ear cup) Accelerometer (each ear cup) Gyroscope (left...
  2. paulchiu

    High End should sweat over Apple AirPods Max - but will survive like Leica Cameras

    I have been enjoying some mid-tier high end gear for a decade plus, always eager to audition whatever comes my way. This year has been difficult for my kind, as we have been confined and when Apple announced something they claimed to be the "best sound" in the AirPods Max, I had to try it for...
  3. Moulderine

    Apple AirPods Max (Over-Ear Headphones)

    Apple has released its rumoured over ear headphones
  4. haroldlloyd

    AirPods Max Apple today announced AirPods Max, innovative wireless headphones that bring the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. AirPods Max combine a custom...