1. Adreneline

    Apogee One vs Maverick D1 (vs other DACs)

    I just bought an Apogee One for recording purposes and wondering how it fairs to my Maverick D1. I've only had a chance for a quick comparison and it seems the One is clearer but this could be due to the lack of bass (or rather muddy bass from the D1).  Does anyone know which one is supposed...
  2. J

    DT880 Pro and Apogee One.

    Hello, i'm going to study Audio engineering and as a requirement i need Professional headphones and the apogee one (or duet), i want to buy the beyerdynamic Dt800 Pro (250 ohms), do i need a headphone amp? or it will work with the apogee? Sorry for my english, is not my native language.
  3. The Luke

    AKG Q701 Burn In Volume Help Please

    I have just purchased some AKG Q701 headphones and am using them with my MacBook Pro through an Apogee ONE interface.   Listening to music through iTunes, I have "sound check" enabled, and at full volume (with sound check on) the volume is still listenable and songs tend push the Apogee...
  4. OpenConcept

    Purchase advice: Audinst HUD-mini vs. Apogee One

    Hey gang.  "Long time listener, first time caller", as they say.  Tremendous respect for the knowledge and hard work displayed in this forum and I need some advice regarding a new portable headphone amp/DAC.     After a week or so of careful research, I've narrowed it down to two units:  The...
  5. code93

    Fiio, Apogee One or digidesign (Main)?? Other options? Help

    Hey,   im currently using akg 240 MK II headphones and using macbook pro and logic. I was thinking of buying a portable gear with them but cant decide which one is good for me? i mostly produce hip-hop, rnb house and pop. i was thinking of buying apogee one, but dont know is it too much for...
  6. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Apogee ONE for iOS

    This little portable DAC/amp sounds amazing...  Ruler flat response.  I love it.  
  7. ubs28

    Apogee One + Shure SRH 1840

    Since the Shure SRH 1840 are easy to drive, would an Apogee One be sufficient?    If not, would the Apogee Duet be sufficient then? (since people also use the Apogee Duet to drive the much harder HD 650)   Does the Fiio E7 drive a Shure SRH 1840 good also?
  8. Apogee ONE USB Microphone and Audio Interface

    Apogee ONE USB Microphone and Audio Interface

    There's a Mic Inside: Tuned Aperture MicrophoneTM Technology Unlike any interface in its class, ONE features an internal reference condenser microphone that has been fine-tuned by professional recording engineers to create Apogee's Tuned Aperture MicrophoneTM technology. ONE with its tuned...