ananda bt
  1. Daanvand

    SOLD Hifiman Ananda BT (EU) (FS)

    Pair of Hifiman Ananda BT as good as new. Just bought Them online but kind of underestimated the sound coming in from outside (because of the open back system). Must say they are really impressive sounding and the wireless freedom comes in very handy. Everything is included (box and...
  2. HIFIMAN Ananda BT

    HIFIMAN Ananda BT

    Using the latest in Bluetooth technology, Ananda BT captures the digital signal as it arrives for a level of audio quality never before heard in any Bluetooth headset. The signal is then processed through a 196/24 DAC over 900kbps allowing 96/24 over the Bluetooth band. The Ananda BT also has a...