1. FiiO Q5s TC (Type-C)

    FiiO Q5s TC (Type-C)

  2. SLC1966

    **SOLD** FiiO AM3D THX AAA Amp Module

    I purchased the AM3D in September from Audio46. It is in perfect condition. Works with FiiO X7, X7MKII, Q5, and Q5s A friend borrowed my FiiO Q5s and liked it so much he bought it. I sent it to him with the AM3E amp since he has only 2.5mm terminated cables. I therefore have this amp left...
  3. wenbinbin2010

    [SOLD] FS: Fiio Q5s + AM3D + AM3E modules + leather case

    Selling a mint condition Fiio Q5S with both the stock AM3E module and the upgraded THX AAA AM3D module. There's been varying reports on stock shortages for both of these modules, so I'm listing these hesitantly...hopefully at a decent used price for both! I may consider selling the AM3D...