1. rantng

    Campfire Audio Ara

    Received an email from Campfire Audio that a product I was waiting for was back in stock. Seems it may have been an error as the link provided is dead, or perhaps just not up yet. Could this be a new IEM from Ken & Co.? Hi, Ara is now back in stock on You have been sent...
  2. Random Lunatic

    Replicating the ALO Audio bass boost - advice needed

    Hey there, I've owned an ALO Rx Mk3b for 7 years now probably (Since release), and it was the trusty companion of my ipod classic for most of that time, until I got tired of such a big brick of gear in my pocket, and got an Astell & Kern AK240... However, ever since then, I've listened less and...
  3. SP1000_WOW


  4. G

    I spent ~$30 for a pair of Campfire Nova

    Well sorry for the click-baitey title...I consider myself somewhat of a cheapskate/second-hand collector,half of my cans are retro/discontinued cans. The story goes like this: I recently browse through my local forum for head-/earphone hunting and stumble across a seller wanted to sell an...
  5. M

    Help me choose matching balance cable with Andromeda and Sony zx300.

    Now I use Campfire Andromeda with 3.5mm stock Litz cable. I want to use 4.4mm balance cable with Sony zx300. In your opinion, which cable good match with both? Now I interest Alo Reference 8 is it good matching with them?