1. Audiophile_Apprentice

    Headstage Arrow Input

    I have an iMod, so I have the short ALO Cryo cable that is really the only iMod cable available. I was looking at the Headstage Arrow amp, but it looks like the inputs are both on the side, and I don't think the cable will reach if I pair it with the 5G iMod. I jut don't get why they didn't put...
  2. ScaryFatKidGT

    Well my Fiio L3 crapped out, are more expensive line out's worth it?

    Well I want one with the wire connected not like the ibasso and send station (idk why I might give in and get one).   I have been looking at ALO's but what is the difference, they have a LOD, a cryo LOD, a SXC, a SXC cryo???   Apparently its $60 to go from 22gau to 18gau? And what...
  3. FilipinoAko

    iMod V2 copper 18 and FIIO LOD

    If you have to iMod the 5th Gen iPod, can you use the FIIO LOD instead of the iMod V2 copper 18?
  4. anthony81212

    30GB iPod Video (5th generation) [please read details]

    Hi everyone,   About the iPod: I originally bought this iPod from eBay. On the eBay advertisement, the seller said that the screen LCD did not have backlight (you can still read everything on the screen, but there is no backlight so it is hard to read the screen when it is dark).   I bought...
  5. ALO Audio TP OCC x Silver iMod LOD

    ALO Audio TP OCC x Silver iMod LOD

    iMod LOD with Blackgate caps