1. musicbuff

    Speaker/Integrated amp synergy

    Is the Marantz PM 11S3 integrated too much amplifier for Monitor Audio RX6 speakers or will the amp make these speakers shine?  Right now my RX6's are being powered by a vintage Yamaha A450 Natural Sound Amplifier (bought in 1980).  Some details in the mid frequency are too soft and I have to...
  2. Law87

    ALO RX original

    anyone got the spec on this? any reviews? Just wanna know if the original can drive planar, specifically the alpha dog.
  3. luisandre

    Alo Audio Rx Mk3-B+ vs Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Duet

    Hello to all,   I´ll soon buy an Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo-db and would like to know witch amp should I get for it. Alo Audio Rx Mk3-B+ or Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Duet?   Thank you very much for your wise advise and expertise and inputs!!    Cheers!!
  4. Godwyn

    Which is the best solution?

    Hi guys,   I've decided to upgrade my portable audio system, a iPod Classic 160 GB (Latest Gen) and my HifiMan Re0 Limited Edition. They sounds quite good, but now I'm searching an AMP + LOD or a DAC excellent in vocals, more "extended" with bass and most of all more balanced, neutral and...
  5. Bagger

    Thin portable amp

      Hi   I just bought the Yuin PK1 to take with me, but I think it might need a amp to preform the best. It will be paired with my iPod Classic.   I have thought of these:   -       Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G -       Pico Slim -       iBasso D-zero -       Fiio E7 -       ALO...
  6. Skoobs

    Need Charger for Original ALO Rx Amplifier

    Hey guys, in the mess of cables lying around my house, I seem to have misplaced my charger for my ALO Rx amplifier. Mine is the original one, and when I bought it, there was a paper in the box telling which chargers will work. however, I cannot find the paper either. Does anyone know the specs...
  7. Unicorn!

    [Advice Wanted] I Need a new Portable Amp

    My current lousy FiiO E5 has after 1 year given up so I'm looking for a new portable headphone amp and I was hoping someone here may be able to give me some advice on what to buy and where to buy from. There doesn't seem to be a huge range of portable headphone amps available in NZ so I am happy...
  8. 1

    iPod Classic + Algorhythm Solo + ALO RX mkII worth it?

    Hey Guys, I've just invested in some UM Miracle IEM's and am looking for a suitable portable setup, from what I've read this is pretty much the ideal setup for what I'm looking for, but as I'm quite new to all this, I thought I'd ask for some advice.   iPod Classic + Algorhythm Solo + ALO...
  9. ArrigoShred

    Recommend me setups please!

    Hey guys! I currently own a iPod Classic 160GB 7th Gen as well as a Algorhythm Solo and a ALO RX MK2. In terms of earphones I have a range of IEMS Westone 3s, 4s, Um3x, ES5 For Headphones I have alessandro Ms Pro With my current rig I find that all my universal IEMs are sounding great...
  10. frosne

    ALO Rx Mk2 or RSA Shadow

    Hi, I'm wondering which of the two amps would pair well with a UM Mage IEM, I'm going to be using an iPod classic as a source.
  11. ambchang

    Which are the best headphones to pair up with ALO RX MKII

    I recently got the ALO RX MKII (just paid, waiting restlessly), and am thinking of having a nice full-size pair of cans for them.   I am looking primarily to have this for home use (getting a portable amp so that I can roam from room to room), so size of the headphone is not a huge concern...
  12. jamesta

    Alo Rx 2 & Solo vs CEntrance DACport

    I'm assembling my ultimate somewhat portable which I'll use at work & home for the majority of my listening.  Source will be my Macbook Air 11.6" & the phones will be my incoming ES5.  I'm stuck between the DACport & the Rx 2/Solo combination as my amplifier & DAC.  Is there a reason the Alo...
  13. kaushama

    Best slim portable for IEMs?

    Most transparent, neutral and best sounding portable slim amp for IEMS? (Westone 4)   Pico slim TTVJ slim Headstage Arrow 4G Leckerton UHA-4 RSA Shadow ALO Audio Rx Mk2  Just Audio uHA-120 ( Not slim )   I think I got hit by upgraditis again and need to listen to something...
  14. vincent33

    ALO RX2 or IQUBE, which one has a wider soundstage and higher resolution for clarity?

    The RX2 simply fits the IMOD perfectly for it size (and its price is more affordable too), whereas the iqube looks a bit bulky to me and the input plug is not at a very good location for the V2 LOD cable... I tried Iqube and it sounds appealing to me but actually I prefer rechargeble built-in...
  15. Tonyflo

    SR-71B vs. ALO Rx Mk2!!!

    Hi Guys,    Curious about something ...    After reading many reviews and understanding the concept, I'm totally sold on the Algorhythm Solo.   However, I'm trying to decide which amp to get -- I'm considering either the SR-71B or the Rx Mk2.    The way I see it ...    SR-71B...
  16. TekeRugburn

    Alo RX problem....need help!

    Okay, I have the original alo rx portable amp and recently its been acting funny.  I can't get any sound out of the amp.  At, first i thought the battery was low, so I charged it, still nothing.  Tried charing again...nothing.  All I can hear is a clicking sound with changing the volume, and a...
  17. TekeRugburn

    Replacing original alo rx with alo rx mk2?

    I just bought a pair of jh13's and of course my original alo rx craps out before they come in.  I was wondering if anyone has the mk2 and the jh13's and how they work together.  I'm stuck between replacing it with another alo rx, the alo rx mk2, pico slim or protector balanced.     If I...
  18. estreeter

    Anyone using the TTVJ Slim ?

    Hi All,        I'm afraid the 'Reviews' flagged by Head-Fi's search engine are just threads discussing the amp rather than actual impressions, and the Slim doesnt seem to get a lot of keystrokes. There are a couple of impressions over at Headfonia, but I think Skylab's reviews of Todd's...
  19. uglijimus

    Review: Leckerton UHA-6

      I’ve been on this website for a little while and have read many of your guys’ portable amp reviews and decided after purchasing my own, it was time to give back to the community with a review of my own. *Note, that I have the Leckerton UHA-6 and not the UHA-6S which has a bunch of bells...
  20. Chris13

    Cowon J3 : is an amp needed ?

    Hello   Cowon J3 seems to be a very good player. I currently have a Denon D5000 headphone (using them with my iPhone 4). If I switch to Cowon J3, would it be an improvement to add an amp ? I'm currently wondering about added a RSA P51 amp to my iPhone 4. Also is there a portable player...
  21. SoundBite

    wanted: Pico Slim review

    Can anyone point me to a review of the Pico Slim? I've serched. I know it is not out yet, but I figure someone has heard it, maybe with JH13s? Anyone? Or are all of you in line to order it "sound unheard"? If so, what makes you confident that it will be a good amp? Just a friendly question.
  22. Timothy.Wong

    RSA Mustang or ALO RX MK2?

    Hi guys,       Some I was going to purchase an amp (this will be the first decent amp i'll be buying because i've used the Fiio E5 before and i thought it didn't change the sq at all, which kinda discouraged me from buying portable amps for a while), and i was wondering the difference...
  23. MRiNiCK

    What amp to use for Ultrason HFI780 or Phiaton MS 400

    I'm thinking of getting one of these headphones. Fo usage of outside  and computer. What amp should i get with these. I mainly listen to rock hip hop
  24. Aegir

    Headamp AE-2 Vs. ALO Audio RX amp

    Anyone compared these two side by side?  I have both, but don't feel I posess the technical knowledge to do an in depth review.  They both sound very similiar to me, with very similar battery life.  The AE-2 has a better case, but the RX is slimmer & more portable.  I'm not a huge fan of the...
  25. welchie

    ALO Rx MK II portable amp

    I received it in a very timely manner which is always the case with  ALO. With jittery hands I opened it up and wow! It looks beautiful and seems very solid. The only negative was that it's about a quarter in wider that the first Rx, But that's not going to make a difference now after I tried t...