alo audio
  1. soufiaj

    ALO Audio Pilot vs. __________ discussion

    What’s up fellas! This is my first posting. Sorry for my english as it is not my first language. *wink* As a mobile phone user, I am curious in trying out this little headphone/IEM dongle from ALO Audio. However, it is not yet available for testing in my country where I currently residing. On...
  2. KB

    Happy holidays from Campfire Sale on now.

    Please visit for more select audio goodness on sale now for a limited time. KB
  3. L

    iMod (Alo Audio) Cable for iPod 5.5

    Dear all, im looking for the schematics or someone who has a an spare iMod Cable for a bypassed iPod 5.5 G. Some years ago these were produced by Alo Audio but not anymore. I would try to do the cable by myself if I had an idea how the schematics were. Do you happen to have one and can...
  4. KB

    Campfire Audio + ALOaudio Warehouse Deals Spring B-Stock Sale!

    Campfire Audio + ALOaudio Warehouse Deals Spring B-Stock Sale! SOLARIS $1099 [reg$1499] ANDROMEDA $849 [reg $1099] POLARIS $349 [reg $499] IO $199 [reg $299] Plus deals on cables + more! Now thru 3/30
  5. KB

    Campfire and ALO audio Black Friday Deals

    Please take advantage of our Black Friday deals, Happy holidays from CFA and ALO.
  6. R

    Thoughts on Campfire Audio?...

    Hey, I’m new here, but spent a fair amount of time skulking around and reading stuff. Great to just browse, but I’m blown away by just how knowledgeable everyone is in this damn place! Anyways, I was just interested to hear people’s thoughts on Campfire Audio in general, everything Ken has...
  7. yong_shun

    Cable Upgrade

    I am currently using Opus #3 with my Campfire Nova. I find the DAP pairs well with my IEM but I wish to improve the treble extension a little bit while conserving the rich mid and low. I narrowed down my choices of cable to hybrid cable (Copper and Silver). Is it worth to spend few hundred on...
  8. Rennokas

    Help me troubleshoot Dac/Amp problem!

    Hi fellows ! I have a problem with my usb headphone amp/dac (one unit). It is the Alo Audio Island which single ended and balanced headphone outputs. I am using Win 10 generic USB drivers as there is no win 10 drivers. (Alo Audio does not support its products after release). What happens is...
  9. M

    Help me choose matching balance cable with Andromeda and Sony zx300.

    Now I use Campfire Andromeda with 3.5mm stock Litz cable. I want to use 4.4mm balance cable with Sony zx300. In your opinion, which cable good match with both? Now I interest Alo Reference 8 is it good matching with them?
  10. ALO Audio Gold 16

    ALO Audio Gold 16

    Each conductor is composed of 24 strands of individually gold plated OFC copper that has a fiber inner core. These 16 conductors create an IEM cable equalling 18awg overall. The gold 16 uses an FEP (Teflon) jacket that is oil and moisture resistant as well as being much tougher than PVC or PE...