1. A

    Looking for short IEM cables

    Hi, My casual listening setup atm is a pair of custom Alclair RevX's playing from a Fiio BTR3K. This bluetooth receiver is connected to Spotify on my phone. This is not the thread for a Spotify/bluetooth discussion, I'm happy with how things sound. I keep the Fiio in my pocket, and run the...
  2. rantng

    Alclair Electro 6-Driver Electrostatic Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor Alclair Audio has produced the first in-ear monitor that features electrostatic drivers with an internal transformer. The Electro six driver electrostatic hybrid in-ear monitor is built for dazzling clarity with four balanced armature...
  3. Alclair Electro 6-Driver Electrostatic Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Alclair Electro 6-Driver Electrostatic Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

    The new Alclair Audio Electro combines six drivers in a electrostatic hybrid in-ear monitor design - four balanced armature drivers and a dual electrostatic tweeter. The addition of dual low-end drivers provides plenty of headroom for stage applications, while the clarity and frequency response...
  4. W

    Looking Into Purchasing Alclair Dual XB, Reference, or Versa and Have Questions

    I've been looking at custom IEMs from Alclair and I can't decide which one would be best for me. I really don't want to spend more than $300 but the most I would go is $400 if there was enough of a difference. One huge thing for me is getting really good sound isolation since I'll be using these...
  5. EnriqueBCN

    Aclair custom in ear Studio 4

    I'm looking for any impressions on Alclair custom in ears. Specifically Studio 4. Anyboy has a pair of them? How do they compare to Alclair RMS? Thanks, Enrique.
  6. Xsoldier416

    Alclair Audio CIEMs Impressions and Experience

    Hello folks, I'm not exactly new here, but it's been a good long while. Long ago (5 years ago) I ventured into the Head-Fi forums thinking I was really cool with my SkullCandy Hesh's. I am now much wiser than I was back then, after listening to some real hi-fi audio and drinking the koolaid...
  7. FatmanSize48

    List of American CIEM Manufactures

    I thought it would be nice to have a list of American CIEM manufacturers for those who might want to shop around and compare deals, or for those who may prefer buying from a "local" company for no import fees, hassle free returns, and more manageable customer service (time delays in...
  8. joshuamercer


    No, not the Alpacas.  The brand new start up high-end brand from Livewire operators Matrics USA.  It's there, and i've just ordered a pair.  Hehehe, rhyming!
  9. tf1216

    Alclairs's 2014 Christmas Giveaway

    Check it out folks.  I just saw this on their Facebook page.
  10. xSDMx

    Alclair Two-Way Universal

    Does anyone have any information regarding these UIEMS?