1. Yin Lu Mei S4 usb-c DAC/Amp

    Yin Lu Mei S4 usb-c DAC/Amp

    Limited 1. Brand new USB main control, supports firmware upgrade via USB. 2. Use AK4497EQ to decode. 3. Using ST's MCU processor and single-chip system, optimized for S4 code. 4. Using a fully balanced architecture, from the DAC to the LPF to the amp, including the volume adjustment are...
  2. Yin Lu Mei S4 AK4497 USB-C Dongle

    Yin Lu Mei S4 AK4497 USB-C Dongle

    4 profit 127 steps volume adjustment, 8 kinds of filters. Measure size: 81X32X13mm, about 50 grams. Output Levels: w/127 volume steps: Single-Ended: 4.5 VRMS at volume-127 2 VRMS at volume-99 Balance port: 9 VRMS AT volume-127 (1KHZ sine wave) 4 VRMS At volume-99 THD + n, single port...
  3. Yulong DA10

    Yulong DA10

  4. A

    Topping DX3 Pro VS Topping D50 for Audioengine A5+

    Looking for a DAC to pair with my Audioengine A5+ speakers currently plugged into my onboard sound card of my pc which is absolute trash! My choices are the Topping D50 or the Topping DX3 Pro. Please help me pick between the two! My main purpose is playing high quality music.
  5. Shivas

    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    Some info on the Lotoo Paw 6000 coming soon as seen on a Russian website. The little brother for the LPGT I would think. Link below: https://hifi-port.ru/threads/lotoo-paw-6000.83/ Specifications: AK4493EQ chip from AKM. 4.4 mm Balanced output and 3.5 mm one-way output EQ & ATE Two way...
  6. IcedFrosty

    Changing DAC on Zishan Z1?

    Hello guys, so, this question has been into me for quite some time now. So, I've been looking on the internet and saw AKM's AK4493EQ for sale at Digi-Key (Link: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/akm-semiconductor-inc/AK4493EQ/974-1162-ND/8124021). It's available now, and the best part...
  7. IryxBRO

    FLANG COMBO KIT - HiRes audio DAP + Dock kit for everyone

    NOTE: FULL REVIEW IS PUBLISHED IN THREAD POST #30 SURPRISE: FLANG P5 DAP + S5 speaker dock giveaway on FB: LINK Hello everyone, I would like to start this thread about very fresh and intriguing upcoming HiRes audio solution from FLANG - FLANG COMBO. Why would FLANG call it a HiRes...
  8. DatGameh

    Does playing 16-bit music with a better DAC make a difference?

    So, some time in the future, I am planning to buy a DAP. One of the choices is the Crazier R3 (I've done research; it's not too bad) and the other is the Hidizs AP60 II. Originally, I wanted to get the Crazier due to it's low price, over the top battery life, and the praise that its predicessor...
  9. B

    How does burr brown pcm 5242 dac compare to akm verita 4490es

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  10. HiFiChris

    Stoner Acoustics UD125 AKM AK4490 USB-DAC & UDX & UDXA Thread (Impressions, Discussions etc.)

    Have you ever heard of Stoner Acoustics? You haven't? Well, I haven't either before 2012 when they were mentioned in a German audio community I was active in at that time. 2012 is also the year they were founded. If you are wondering about the slightly inappropriately seeming name - according...