1. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Your Best Looking Headphone!

    Hey there Head-Fi! Sometimes I hear a headphone and I become in love with the sound, but that i look at them and change my mind :p I want to know what headphones YOU find appealing to the eye :) I like the way Grados and AKGs look. That classic-vintage look. But i also enjoy the way the...
  2. Benaiir

    First ever AKG K99 Full Review

    First off: I'm no audiophile (Best I've tried is like Beyer DT880, which kinda squeeze your head, which I don't like and Bose Triports, which are pricy) and I'm 13 (And a half!) years old. Alright, last week I picked up theAKG K99's @ $75 bottomline @ Guitar Center (If you're on a tight...
  3. Baltowolf

    Need Some Recommendations For Circumaural Headphones For Recording

    So here's the deal, I'm 16 and I'm into recording etc. I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician but I mainly play guitar. I'm badly in need of good studio headphones with a [more or less] flat frequency response. I want to get the AKG K240s but my mom says she doesn't think I need 60 dollar...
  4. jones2289

    Help me spend my Musician's Friend gift card!

    Long time lurker, first time poster here.  I'm relatively new to the world of quality headphones, and right now own a pair of Grado SR60is, which I added a Beyerdynamics headband and reverse quarter modded Sennheiser pads.  I really like them, and recently received a $50 gift card to Musician's...
  5. Siddhartranc

    which ones of the following headphones are best for studio use?

    AKG K44 V2 AKG K77 AKG K99 Audio Technica Pro5 Audio Technica Pro5v Audio Technica Pro5ms     i am looking for headphones which are plain.i produce edm.
  6. HforH

    AKG K99 or other comparable headphones for young child?

    I am in search of headphones for my 3 year old for a listening program. Recommended headphone is Akg K99 though am concerned about fit. Wondering if there are other comparable headphones out there in similar price range more specific for children? Important considerations: - frequency response...
  7. boxjon

    Thoughts on budget cans AKG K-99

          I am looking for a decent pair of budget headphones. I found these and heard good things.   http://www.amazon.com/Dynamic-Semi-open-Headphones-Leatherette-Earpads/dp/B001GF7WRW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381443555&sr=8-1&keywords=akg+k99   $49.99   Any thoughts?
  8. r1sh

    Headphones for gaming CoD and BF BC2

    Good day everyone!   I've blown up my mind looking for headphones 99.99% for gaming. Most of all I prefer Call of Duty Modernwarfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 both multiplayer.   As I understand, the first and most importaint point is positioning and the second is scene. For now...
  9. asher286

    Koss pro DJ100 VS Akg K99

    Wich wins at:  bass  mids  treble   comfort naturality flatness   etc
  10. asher286

    URGENT: SKDY Aviators or AKG k99

    I'm new to high quality headphones, actually im gonna buy my first pair, so wich would be better: SKDY aviators or akg k99?? and please tell why. thank you all.
  11. sabathiel

    Need help choosing a budget headphones for home recording.

    I have a mini home studio recording. I mainly record karaoke covers using karaoke backing tracks and some acoustic guitar covers. I use a Behringer 1202FX mixer, AKG Perception 420 multi-pattern studio condenser mic, Boss Pro CL-50 compressor/limiter/gate connected to a desktop using a Creative...
  12. Reecesterful

    AKG K99?

    So i need a pair of under $90 headphones. Suggestions? I.E. i use a Zune HD to a Fioo E5
  13. headfi1234

    Best full sized headphones under US 50 but lightweight.

    Hello all!   Im basically an engineering college student who uses his headphones every day, at least 7 hours per day while doing homework and other things.    I need some suggestions as to what the best sound quality headphone could be under 50 bucks.   Ive looked into the harx700...
  14. mdofx

    Broken Cable Replacement

    Hi there,   I am interested in using headphones. I bought myself a AKG K99 headphones in December and tried to swim deeply in this world. The sound amazed me, I couldn't think that headphones could have such a sweet voice. I was satisfied.   Unfortunately, the right headphone has no...
  15. jreme

    JVC S660 vs. S700?

    I was looking for a circumaural headphone that is decent at isolating, sounds decent, and is in the $50-$100 range. (And is somewhat portable)   Ideally the headphone would have a short cable. I listen to mainly alternative rock, electronic, rock, hip-hop.   I came across both the S600...
  16. bowei006

    Chosing Audiophile headphones. Grado 60i,HD 555,AKG K99?

    Im jumping into the audiophile part of the ocean after almost a year. im looking at headphones below $100 and whats caught my eye are the Grado SR-60i's or 80i's the Sennheiser HD555,AKG K99 or AKG acoustic K-240. now ive heard good stuff about the K99 and the HD202 and the Grado 60i's which are...
  17. Brooko

    Entry Point To Open Headphones - $80 to $130?

      Hi all   I'm from NZ - and unfortunately our headphone prices here are exorbitant - there is no simpler way to put it.  Classic example - am visiting New York in 2 weeks (biz trip), and have preordered a set of Shure SRH 840's for US 129 (NZ $175).  Same cans in NZ would be $429 (US 315)...
  18. I3eyond

    Are the AKG K66s in any way indicative of any of AKG's sound signature?

    A buddy of mine had a set of these lying around, so I borrowed them to check them out on my setup.   FWIW, these things actually don't sound all that bad at all.   Just curious if these cans are at all similar to any of the present day AKG lineup...?
  19. Keiko

    Undeceive about AKG.

    I've been a big fan of AKG's over sennheiser & Audio-Technica. I wont say AKG is better then those two though, just for what I like most cans fit the bill with them. I've been looking for another set of AKG's since im currently in Germany & the prices are dramatically lower compared to home...
  20. DomaPhone

    AKG K99 or K240STUDIO?

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD25 1 II right now, and my powerers are a Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ and an NAD 3225PE amp. I'm looking for a pair of good, big headphones for fun, easy, perhaps stupid listening. I can listen to high quality stuff with the Senns, but I also want something to...
  21. bisayaboi

    Full size open or closed for drumming $50

    Any recommendations? I already got the ATH-M35 on sight.   Comfort, a straight cable, being lightweight, and at least some clamping on the head is most important. Being is easy to drive is also important.   Sound isolation and what not don't matter as much as I play on an electronic drum...
  22. theman123

    Looking for some new headphones, 50-80 is my range

    I really like the AKG's but are a little bit too expensive, but  Ido like the K99's and K77's.   What about those?  And do you have any other suggestions?   Also, are Skullcandy's and WeSC's that poor?  They look pretty good and aren't too expensive, but I hear nothing good about them.
  23. spacemanspliff

    Has anyone tried the new AKG 77 or 99?

    Just curious if these are worth trying or not. Looking to see if they have a large sound stage or are just beaters.
  24. PaulCat

    AKG K77 vs. AKG K99

    Hey, y'all!   I'm a newb here and I wanted to learn more about awesome headphones and upgrading from my Panasonic RP HTX7.   At my local music-gear store they have a pair of AKG K77 and AKG K99.  The K77 is closed-back and the K99 is open-back.     I know these aren't the greatest...
  25. spookymulder84

    How about AKG K-99 on motherboard on-board DAC?

    http://www.akg.com/K99+Perception-1039.html?pid=1193 Have anyone tried them on-board? Does they sound good enough, or should they sound better with Xonar DG (which has 10 Ohm impendance)? Is it worth it, or should I take higher impedance headphones and Xonar DG?