1. KamillaLove

    Christmas gift for husband - AKG K812 with what amplifier?

    I will buy my husband the new K812 to replace his K702, but what amplifier do they need? He has them plugged into a EMU 0404 USB DAC.
  2. cowby

    Need help : Screw driver for AKG K812

    Hi all,       one of the screws which used to mount the Unit is lose but I don't have a tool to fix it.  Which screw driver should I buy?  I noticed that the screw is something like octagon ?   Cheers! Cowby 
  3. Ra97oR

    AKG K812 Pro

    I have got the pleasure to listen to AKG’s new flagship headphone K812 Pro, it is a professional aimed headphone and frankly comes with little bell and whistles.   The headphone is constructed very solidly in metal. Gone are the hidden squeaky cup swivel system that are on the K701, the K812...
  4. avrosse

    List of Good High-end Headphone Stores in Switzerland

    Hi folks, I don't need to convince you how much a good headphone store is worth. Over the past few years, I've been trying to find the best one in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (especially around Zurich). This is a freshly updated version of a list I put together a few years ago in...
  5. gradoist

    Some thoughts on AKG K812 pro

    Somehow I cannot post my review on product page so I will just post it here.     Star: 3/5   Pros: Big soundstage, good for monitoring             Cons: But not good for music listening. Very hard to drive. Phones for pros, not for audiophiles.     The reason I say that K812 is not...
  6. AKG K812

    AKG K812

    AKG's K812