1. Ikboy36

    Best Headphones in the $80-$130 range

    I listen to a wide range of music so they need to cater to all music types. I generally prefer Over-ear, but would be willing to go for On-ear as well. I will be wearing them in public so they need to be reasonably stylish and comfortable, but this is not my Main priority. The main contenders...
  2. uswhovian

    taking headphone suggestions

    Hey guys,   So I'm looking to invest in my first pair of cans. I have just used earbuds previously but fell in love with a friends headphones. However, there are a ton of headphones out there and I have no idea where to start.   I only have several requirements for my future set of...
  3. Furieux

    What are the most overpriced headphone you ever bought ?

    The title says it all. I recently got a pair of AERIAL7 A-List absolute royale used (paid 100$), but they are selling at 300$ according to multiple retail website.   These cans are fancy, they look good when they are on the table but once you put them on you head you like like an idiot...
  4. Koenigseggfire

    I need some good over-ear headphones.

    I am mostly an earbud guy, but listening to music on my TB X12's when I play games is really starting to make me want a new pair of over-ear's. I'm looking for some that are under $100 and have a nice bass response and good mids.  I'm currently eyeing the Noontec Zoro's, the Audio-Technica...
  5. ostewart

    Review: Beyerdynamic DX160iE

    Beyerdynamic DX 160iE Review:   I would firstly like to thank Thomas from Polar Audio (Beyerdynamic distributor in the UK) for lending me this sample for review. I will write as honest a review possible. The DX 160iE and DX120iE are the latest in the beyerdynamic IEM line up. These received...
  6. sam-c

    AKG K67 Review?

    Hi guys,   I've been trying to find a comprehensive review of the AKG K67s but cant find any anywhere. Can somebody point me in the right direction please. I've read a fair bit about them but would really like some information on comfort, isolation and the level of noise leak. Regards...
  7. Grandagony

    AKG Tiesto K67's build quality issues still?

    Picked up a pair of the K67's yesterday, I almost grabbed the K167's instead ($150). I'm looking for an alternative to my Samson SR850's. I love the 850's but God they uncomfortable... General use, gaming, and music listing.   Does the K67's/K167's still have the build quality issues I've read...
  8. uffen90

    Headphones for rock

    Hi there. Looking for a set of headphones that is good for a wide range of rock music (acdc, Marilyn manson, slipknot etc.) pricerange 150-250 $
  9. LiIy

    K240 vs. K67 vs... any other options?

    Hey there guys,     Another "which headphones?!" thread, and input from owners would be amazing. Currently my go-to headphone is the K830BT and K501 (I had to sell everything else. major downgrade yeah I know) I got tired of how the K450 sounded, veiled and muddy. Though... Now I am in need...
  10. HyenaPrime

    Good Headphones for DnB and Dubstep Under $100

    I need a good pair of cans for dubstep and DnB which are comfortable, have good sound quality, are bassy, and have good build quality. They also strictly need to be under 100 us dollars. Here's a sample of what i like to listen to (skip to 1:40 or so) ...
  11. colinter220

    Best Portable Headphones for Dubstep?

    Hey Head-Fi Community! :D I've been looking around the forum alot these days and it seems like the only headphones people recommend for listening to Dubstep are very large, over the ear headphones. I was looking for something like the Nootec Zoros but with nice heavy bass (but not like beats...
  12. stuartmhannon

    Headphones for girlfriend

    Want to get a pair of cans for my special lady. She's been using half broken Walgreens ear buds for a while and I feel bad. Needs to be on or over the ear and not as bulky as my 770's. NOT beats. She listens to top40 indie and hiphop off of an iPod and Spotify off of her phone. Sent from my...
  13. AKG K67 TIESTO DJ STUDIO LIVE HEADPHONES k 67 on ear mp3 3d axis

    AKG K67 TIESTO DJ STUDIO LIVE HEADPHONES k 67 on ear mp3 3d axis

    The K67 Tiesto Headphones from AKG are built to be comfortable, portable and durable wherever you wear them. Made for everything from home recording to listening to music, the K67 is equipped with 1.6" (40mm) drivers that are designed to deliver consistent sound reproduction. The on-ear, closed...