1. Coldsnap

    Noise Canceling Headphones Help

    (posted this in the wrong forum at first)I hate flying and I realized how good noise canceling earphones have gotten. Help me decide between these models, noise cancelation is the most important feature and sound quality is second. I've tried the bose but they don't give me enough discount at my...
  2. jkaero

    AKG K490 Travel Case

    I have ae pair of AKG K490s and I find the case that came with them to be unacceptable.  It doesnt protect anything and already lead damage on one pair.     Does anyone have any recommendations on more suitable case for traveling?   Ive searched and found this but $35 and from a no-name...
  3. hiki08

    Choosing an AKG headphone (K490NC, K495NC compared with K550, K701 or others)

    Hi all, new here but have been searching/reading a few older threads on noise cancelling headphones and the 490NC here already. Many seem to have greats words about the 490NC though I've also read somewhere that they're offloading the 490NC for the newer Sony 1RNC.   I have an AKG K28NC (pic...
  4. anupam kumar1

    Help me decide the best headphones to buy

    Let's get straight to the point. I have the following requirements:   Good Active Noise Cancellation - I am a student, and travel. I would like my headphones to give me a zen type of feel when I turn on noise cancellation on, even when I am not in the mood to listen to music. Need to wear...
  5. FenderP

    Master Noise Cancelling Shootout: Sony MDR-1RNC vs. Sony MDR-NWNC200 vs. AKG K490NC vs. Bose QC15 vs. Sennheiser Momentum vs. Harman Kardon NC

    If you take a peek at some of what I've written here (including things like reviews of other headphones) over the years, I travel. A lot. I'm sure some of you do it more. I used IEMs (customs, noise cancelling, stock, esoteric ... you get the idea) for years going back to the ER-4P. My current...
  6. driddri

    Advice on Noise Reduction Headphones

    Hi all!   I'm looking to buy one noise reduction headphones as I am constantly travelling and also working in a quite noisy ambience. Many people told me to get a Bose QC15, which I tested and seemed really nice, but unfortunately I can not afford 350$ on a headphone now. Would anyone...
  7. mepds9

    Need help choosing between Klipsch Mode M40, B&W P5, AKG K490NC & K495NC, and Sennheiser PXC 450

    I'm in an incredibly confusing debate regarding to the headphones I wish to purchase. I own the Klipsch Image S4, and I like the details in bass and treble. However, I feel they're a bit empty on the middle range, and besides they give me headaches (excessive bass & In-ear). I'm searching for...
  8. astroid

    New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

    These look nice! K490 top ,K495 bottom 
  9. AKG K490 NC

    AKG K490 NC

    AKG's K 490 NC ultra-compact folding headphones pack a surprising sonic punch — delivering your music with warmth, clarity, and deep, rich bass. But what you won't hear is the din of a noisy environment around you. That's because these featherweights feature AKG's highly effective...