1. CrucialHalcyon

    Need an advice on buying good earbuds!

    Hello! just joined these forums and I need an advice on buying earbuds.   on my list currently are:   AKG K 309 AKG K 311 AKG K 313 AKG K 315 AKG K 318 AKG K 319 Sennheiser MX 460 Sennheiser MX 560 Sennheiser MX 580   will have a portable pocket amp listening to...
  2. mwhouston

    Oatley's K311x - True Class A power stage

    Oatley Electronics Australia, who is famous for the portable triode headphone (HP) amp, the K272C (latest iteration), has been working hard to produce a truly new and revolutionary home based HP amp. This time they are going out on a limb and have designed a unique and powerful output stage. It...
  3. mwhouston

    Oatley K311B - FET HP amp

    I was given these prototype cct. brds. (populated) some years back but only recently have I started to listen to them. There was a K311 and now a K311B and I think there maybe a "C". I have the schematic but at this point will not publish it. The amp is by Oatley Electronics. It uses two 2SK170...
  4. alexanderbont

    Best in-ear or iem under $50

    I was looking for a pair of in-ear or iem's for under $50 and i also have a fiio e6 i can use with it
  5. Headd

    Need a cheap bassy earbud for work

    Looking for a somewhat bass heavy earbud for work. Under 20 bucks What are my options?

    Best inears for 15 $

    My Music; basically Progressive House,Trance and Dubstep I have beening owning skullcandy skullcrushers for a year and i recently decided on to buy a pair of in ear earphones as i can't take the crushers everywhere.I have been aiming to buy them at a price limit of 15$.i scrolled through lot...
  7. Question2

    Buying earphones in Australia

    Any Australians here can give some advice on buying earphones here? I don't want to walk into the typical electronics shop and get ripped off on some crap earphones, as what usually happens when people do that...   The cables on my yuin pk2 just got sliced in half by....SOMETHING...(i have...
  8. shaunw

    audio technica ad900 v k701

    Recently sold my k701s as I just couldnt get on with them, too much sibilance, not enough drive and as exciting as watching paint dry. I actually prefer my aging and far cheaper Beyerdynamic dt 311s (which considering their age and cost are remarkably musical.) The k701s did demonstrate though...
  9. D

    AKG K311 Ear Buds

    AKG K311 Ear Buds Powerful bass performance. Realistic music reproduction demands clean, undistorted bass response, and the new K 3