1. satshanti

    REVIEW: Cool colorful genuine leather earpads for AKG K240 et al

    To wet your appetite and as an incentive for you to keep reading, some pictures first: Philips N6330 with orange pads: MB Quart Phone 70 with blue pads: Don't they look good? These are pads with an elastic ring, and according to the seller, suitable for AKG K240, K241, K250...
  2. red71rum

    AKG k280 Parabolics and replaing foam pads underneath ear pads.....

    I recently got a very nice pair of K280 headphones off craigslist. I was interested in replacing the ear pads with the velours. Anyway, when removing one of the ear pads I noticed that the circular foam underneath the ear pad was kind of rotting, it would fall apart if disturbed. Can I replace...
  3. ginetto61

    150-200$ Solid state amp for AKG 242HD and possibly K280

      Hi Gentlemen !   For now I have to decided to stick with the two AKGs in the title I am liking the old K280 with velour earpads taken from the 242HD ... am I deaf ???   Now the question ... a suggestion of a solid state amp Problem as usual .. I live in Europe and purchasing from...
  4. DaftZomb

    Beyerdynamic DT-770's dark and bass-y?

    This seems to be the general consensus from reviews all over the net, aside from amazon which I've found greatly differ from better sources. Anyway, while i have any but audiophile grade ears, I don't find these phones to be too dark or overly bassy. Bump in the lows? Yeah, but it's nice. Also...
  5. madelvice

    AKG K702 impressions.

    So I've finally received my lovely 702's. Just for some quick background: Given that I had very little testing opportunity and really only others' opinions to go on (namely head-fiers) I chose the 702s given that these were of my highest priorities: Detail, clarity, neutrality, speed...
  6. CptKlotz

    AKG history - the introduction of the "parabolic" headphones (K 270, K 280).

    Hi everybody...   here's a bit of history for the "vintage AKG geeks" around here.     I like the good old K 270 and K 280 a lot and I was interested in their history, so I asked AKG for some details.     The kind folks at AKG clarified some things for me and since this may be...
  7. mswan2001

    akg K280

    What are the hands down best headphones on the market today? ( under$500 ) thanks much
  8. foet

    k280 restoration

    I recently acquired these cans from an ebay auction claiming they were in good condition although used. Having bought a k240 and k340 around the same time of which one seemed to be NOS (still bagged with all foils and plastic covering still attached) and the other in a excellent state although a...
  9. MetalLover

    Headphones noobs seeks advice

    Hi there! I came here because I think it's the best place to seek advice. I want to buy headphones for listening at work. The main points are: - I mostly listen to metal (and a little rock/electronic) - price <100$ - must not leak noise outside because I don't want to annoy my co-workers...
  10. spoonsphere

    closed, circumaural, comfortable headphones for listening to spoken word, watching movies

    hi folks!   i mostly listen to spoken word and vocals, occasionally watch movies, and rarely listen to music.  i have been using a pair of sennheiser hd 25-1 II's.  they sound wonderful, but my ears hurt if i use them for more than a couple of hours.   i used to have a pair of bose...
  11. cinoyter

    AKG K280 initial impressions, and questions

    Hi all. New poster, longtime lurker. So a friend has offered me a low price on a pair of AKG K280s. They're about five years old, he says, but barely broken in. I've brought them home with me for the weekend, and I'm trying them out. Now, my equipment is hardly top-notch and my ears aren't as...
  12. AKG K280

    AKG K280

    Over ear headphones.