1. polishbroadcast

    Will AKG K172 pads fit on K171?

    Hi. Long time reader, first time joiner.   I have a pair of K171's that i had refurbished but need to replace the pads and want the velour ones. The only current model close is the K172.   Are the K171 and K172 the same physical construction? AKG sells replacement pads for the K172 and i...
  2. Asr

    How my journey for closed portable bliss came to an end

    Let's start with the pursuit: ever since I first came to Head-Fi, I've always been looking for a closed portable headphone that I could use at work. So in the interest of tracing history I'll go back to the beginning and explain why I tossed out each one I ran into: - Senn PX 200...
  3. galbenush

    Akg 272 HD or others...?

               I am trying to buy a pair of headphones within a 200$ budget. I do not have the opportunity to listen to them before i buy them....              From the reviews i found on the internet i came to the conclusion that the AKG 272 HD would be right for me. But before i buy them, i...
  4. GeneralSmirnoff

    Just bought my MDR-7506 headphones a week ago and dislike them, any suggestions?

    I just purchased my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. The first impression I got from them was terrible. While the audio reproduction was accurate, the headphones felt laid back. The sound was too bright and the bass was very weak. Also, the sound stage is terrible, the audio feel very crammed.   My...
  5. jhtang2

    Headphones under 170

    Hey y'all. Ive been looking around for headphones that have good sound quality,bass, for all types of music. R&B, hip hop, jazz, classical.   I am looking not only for sound quality, but material quality, and appearance.    I have a couple of AKG phones that are decent at the moment such...
  6. AKG K171 Studio

    AKG K171 Studio

    The new AKG K 171 Studio combines closed-back ear cups with an ultra-light on-ear design.