1. S3VBR0

    AKG K512 MKII vs AKG K514MKII...what's the difference?

    Title says it all. I was looking at the AKG website and they look identical except for the color
  2. M

    Recommendations for ~$100 closed headphones?

    Hello all. After countless $20 buds breaking on me and delivering sub-par experiences, I've decided to invest more fully into my music listening.  I've been reading a lot of reviews and such, but I don't know too much about what makes a quality headphone in general.   I'll use them mostly...
  3. kman1211

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Impressions

    This is my initial impressions on the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm. I plan on updating this thread multiple times as I add more information and get to know the headphones better and compare them more with my other headphones. I'm using the HiFiMAN EF2A(stock tubes with around 30 hours...
  4. posticepurr

    AKG K514 MkII

    I'm looking for a headphone in the ~100 dollar range, and these have caught my eye. I havn't found a thread on this specific model, and almost no reviews, but the few reviews i have found seem very positive. any thoughts or experiences? They seem to run you around 90-100 dollars.   
  5. AKG K 514 MKII Multi-Purpose Stereo Headphones (White)

    AKG K 514 MKII Multi-Purpose Stereo Headphones (White)

    Heighten your listening experience with the AKG® K514 MKII natural-sound stereo headphones. Their new design offers a sleek look and - even more important - a comfortable, natural fit to go along with the unique way that the headphones process audio from its source to your ears. Plain and...