1. sgbwill2

    AKG K401 vs K501

    Hi, I have recently bought a pair of AKG K401's off ebay for £45 (on their way) and was reading up about them and was wondering if sonically they are lacking much behind the K501's which people state have great highs, mids and soundstage but lack bass. I also read that the K401's have a lot more...
  2. aeroG1

    Portable amp for AKG k401?

    I might be purchasing the K401, but I don't want to spend too much on an amp that I can't take with we on the go. I was thinking the fiio e17 would be nice, but I need some input.
  3. oopeteroo

    K501 vs K401 vs Q701 with odac/o2 ?

    anyone know which headphone to pick for odac with o2 ?   whats the diff in K501 vs K401 vs Q701 in sound ?
  4. oopeteroo

    Vote which headphone to buy for Asian-pop (Cpop, Kpop, Jpop), Ballad and female voice music

    HI my last thread for this matter :P Gonna order the headphone with most vote tomorrow.   Iam using Odac+O2   listen mainly to Cpop, Jpop, Kpop, ballad, female voice music, acoustic   Have narrowed it down to:   akg Q701 akg K702 anni akg K401/K400 akg K501 sony Ma900...
  5. Jlox1

    I just Need some options.

    I want a pair of Semi-Portable HeadPhones, I want good bass, a detachable cord on one side, and some kind of folding technique all for under 150$ am I asking for too much? 
  6. Audax

    AKG K701 Low-Fidelity Headphones ?

    Hi, I bought the cans new in august 2007. I use them mainly to listen to .Wav files, connected to my PC's soundcard (Creative X-fi Platinum) or I use them to listen to original cds on a Harman/Kardon HD7600II cd player + NAD 320 BEE integrated Amplifier. I take care of those babies as if...
  7. dogwan

    Feelin' guilty, enjoying K-401's more than K-701's

    I just spent a good 3 hours with my AKG K-401's powered by the ASL MG Head-OTL. Bottom line....I liked them better than the 701's.   Normally I use the 401's with my portable rig. I don't know why it took me so long to A/B against the 701's in the main system. I guess I just assumed they...
  8. akar

    Akg K400

  9. dogwan

    AKG K401 mods?

    I've had a pair of K401's kicking around for a while. There are some aspects that I absolutely adore; the soundstage, the mids, and the comfort. But, lately I've been bumming on the lack of bass. What bass is there is nice and articulate, I just wish it had more punch.   Does anyone know of...
  10. oopeteroo

    whats diff in k501/k500 vs k400/k401 ?

    wondering whats the diff in the k500 vs k501 and k400 vs k401 ?   and what to pick if i wanna buy one of those ?
  11. AKG K 401

    AKG K 401

    These are the K400s, and I've been using them for about 17 years now. They have great sound--rich for a headphone--and obviously they are durable. AKGs do take some extra power. If you can drive them directly from a headphone amp or a receiver, do so. They don't do well with the little op amps...