1. Maciek 89

    New headphones dor iPod Nano 6th Generation, similar to AKG K319

    Hi, I used to use iPod Photo 30GB with AKG K319 headphones. For me it sounds great, especially with track recorded on Apple Lossless format. Now I've lost either iPod and headphones so I have to buy new one. I've decided to buy iPod Nano 8GB 6th Generation and now I'm looking for headphones...
  2. pire

    AKG K 317

    I ‘m listening to a new pair of AKG,the k317 buds for about 2 days. It’s my first earbud that I own , so it’s a new world for me. Phones I know well are the K501 (8 years). K240s ,k240m DT440 (2006), HD600 and have also listen to some others. The k317 as AKG claims is identical to k319...
  3. rds

    AKG K317 $24.99

    $24.99 at amazon with free shipping if you add another few cents to your cart: http://www.amazon.com/AKG-317--Ear-Bud-Headphone/dp/B0028N786G/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1300734929&sr=1-1   Really great price considering the retail is $89.99.  Hope some people can get in on this...
  4. extrabigmehdi

    Tempted by the akg k701, advices ?

    I already own earbuds from AKG (k317) , and love how they sound. I  thought by "extrapolation", that getting a full size heaadphone from AKG, would be cool. I  saw great reviews on the K701, they look nice, and I  can find them near 200 euros, which is in my budget range. However the pain...
  5. Peeperkorn

    Searching for earbuds: AKG K 317 - a good one?

    Hello all together! I don´t like the feeling of beeing totally isolated from the action around me. Therefore in-ears with strong sound isolation make me feel uncomfortable. I´m quite interested in these earbuds: AKG K 317. Unfortunately there are only very few earbuds out there which are...
  6. eclectic

    MX580 is now 30 bucks and AKG 317 is 40. It's 1 or the other.

    I know people like the Senns-anyone own the AKG's?   AND, are the AKG's too big for buds?  Are they only a good fit for large ears?  It's a fantastic price 4 the AKG.
  7. millenium

    Earbud advice needed

    Hi guys,   Someone's burning with desire to buy a new pair of earbuds (not in-ear-phones as I hate having things in my ear canal, even then it;s for a good cause...). I listen predominantly to electronic (more like down-tempo than techno, trance or any of that) music as well as RnB (MJ...
  8. AKG K 317 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Snow White

    AKG K 317 In-Ear Bud Headphone - Snow White

    The AKG K 317 in-ear bud headphones deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency response - from virtually any portable device, including iPhone. Using a Super Bass circuit, they deliver a richer, more dynamic listening experience from any portable device making them...