1. tqt1015

    Ultrasone Pro 750 - Muffled Sound? Burn-In Time Needed?

    Hi everyone, I just joined Head-Fi today. I just received my new Ultrasone Pro 750 today. At first I thought the bass was amazingly deep and powerful. Great. But then I put on my really old Sony MDR-CD780 from eons ago, and I thought the Sony's provide clearers mids and crisper highs, just the...
  2. Klarnet Basowy


    New studio serie: K142HD, K172HD, K242HD, e K272HD first preview on italian headphones site (Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Home): Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Gennaio 2008: La nuova serie Studio di AKG and K 141 MK II, K 240 MK II, K 171...
  3. JulienH

    Fiio E17 and iPhone 5 - what about DAC

    Reading a lot about DAC and iPhones and them not working. How about the new iPhone 5 and THE E17? Does THE DAC work with the headphone jack? Want to buy an E17 and AKG K 272HD.
  4. AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

    AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones

    The AKG K 272 HD high performance headphone is the headphone to have when you desire the best personal listening experience from nearly any audio device. Deisgned to deliver the ultimate in AKG performance - high-output sound and the widest, distortion free frequency response - they are the...