1. Audiopotamus

    AKG K242HD VS AKG K272HD VS AKG k 702

    I am looking at some good headphones and I don't want to break my very small bank. I had done some reading and what I have found said that AKG K242HD, AKG K272, AKG k 702 were great picks and I have found them for under 300 and I am at the point where I want some nice cans and ditch these $50...
  2. Sonic Atrocity

    AKG K272 HD

    Thoughts? I have read some really interesting reviews on these. Apparently, the FR is pretty flat. I would personally change that with an EQ. What attracts me to these cans is that I've read they have an amazing sound stage, great instrument seperation and great detail.
  3. rapaddict


    i havent got a chance to test these myself does anyone have any comments about them? i was a headphone that is exceptionally clear but that can hold its own with bass too (ill be listening to hiphop/rap with these) do u have any suggestions for other cans?
  4. McSteeler

    Best over-ear cans for ipod use only??

    Hey everyone, I'm really new to high quality head phones (I've never owned anything better than standard ipod earbuds) but I really want some great over-ear headphones.  I've been trying to research on my own, but it gets really complicated and frustrating...seems like lots of headphones "need"...
  5. Dalsd

    Decent budget amplifier for beginner?

    I'm making a thread about choosing a decent amp for "audiophile" beginner. I previously used Beyerdynamic DT440 without amp and I, especially in beginning, enjoyed the quality. Few weeks ago I managed to break them and decided to order AKG K 272 HD. This time I was thinking of getting more...
  6. Detach50

    yup, yup, yup, It's another "Which headphones should i buy" thread

      Hello everyone, my name is Detach.   I’ve been floating around the Head-Fi boards for about a year now.  I started here with headphones, because at the time it was the most affordable way for me to get the quality sound I wanted.  I did my research and eventually went with some Shure...
  7. drez

    what is wrong with my ears

    I recently bought some RS1's, and have noticed something very strange.   Even when down-mixing to mono, even reversing earphones, the hi-hat always sounds like its coming  from the right.  At first I thought it was a channel imbalance.  This can really get annoying...   Could this be down...
  8. Ultrainferno

    I ordered 4 DT770s and got 4 Sony MDR-NC500D headphones

    Hello everyone   I need to buy 4 new headphones for my team at work but they have to isolate really well. The company wanted to buy noise cancelling headphones but luckily I talked them out of that and now I can choose   I know how the M50s isolate but I don't have any experience with...
  9. localhost127

    AKG K242HD vs K272HD

    i currently am able to get the 242hd and 272hd for a really good price ... i currently have an old set of senn hd570s, but am patiently ready to upgrade. as i understand it, the 242s are semi-open (like my hd570s) and the 272s are fully closed. i am leaning towards the fully-closed...
  10. pocketrocket

    Nuforce µDAC 2 for AKG K 272 HD a good idea?

    So I've had my lovely AKG K 272 HD for about an year now and have enjoyed them all the time. Still, I suspect I'm not enjoying them to their full extent, as my source is a Realtek AC'97 chipset on a cheap laptop. They do get loud, but I suppose I'm not wrong if I say that the amount of juice...
  11. evilnight

    AKG K272 HD Little Review

    Hi everyones im about to give a review about my new AKG K272 HD. Before begin the review [My current setup./B] Amp: J.E. Sugden A21 Pure class A Series 1 My source come from my External Soundcard Saffire Focusrite LE tuned @ 24/96 all the time. i never use internal soundcard for some...
  12. Blabbermouth

    iBasso T3 paired with AKG K242HD or K272HD

    Hi everyone    I'm gonna get a pair of either AKG K242HD or K272HD soon. And I was wondering whether or if  the iBasso T3 would be enough to drive either one of these headphones? As I've heard its more designed for IEM's but can be used for easy to drive can's. Are the headphones I've chosen...
  13. TF2

    HD555/HD595/HD600/HD650/AKG K272HD/ other?

    I won a contest and now have money to spend at Best Buy and since I got my HD 202's I've wanted to upgrade, and I see they now sell some Sennheiser, AKG, and Audio Technica headphones.  There really is no budget, I'm willing to pay $500 for the HD650's if they would be worth it.  I listen to...
  14. nokelly

    akg k271 mkii vs akg k272hd

    These appear to be the same headphone why is the k271 mkii nearly $100 less?  If they are the same obviously I will just get those.. but just wondering.  Also if any one has any other recommendations for similar cans wouldn't mind hearing them!   Also if anyone has these and can recommend me...
  15. viralcow

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod       Hello, Head-fi. I usually don’t do write-ups like this because I’m still rather inexperienced in headphone-dom and I’m probably not qualified to make critical assessments other than personal impressions. But I wanted to share a small discovery...
  16. Neet

    My friend is selling akg 272 for £70 is it worth it? I already own HD650

    My friend is selling his AKG 272 for £70, is it worth picking up? I want the AKG 701/702 and I currently own the Grado Sr80i and the HD650.   I could get the 272 for sell it later when I get the 701?  
  17. SLaRe

    AKG K 272 HD vs GermanMAESTRO GMP 8.35 D Monitor vs GermanMAESTRO GMP 435 S

    Hello!   I'm from Spain and new to the forum. I have read a lot of threads of this forum about full-size headphones that helped me a lot in discarting various models, but I still have some doubts.   I'm about to buy a pair of headphones for monitoring some music I produce in my free time...
  18. chengilang

    ATH-ESW9A or PRO 900 or HFI-780

    Hello everyone,   I need help deciding what headphones to buy. I currently have Westone 3, I use with my iphone 3gs no amp. I am looking to buy a closed can headphones now. I am looking to use this headphone with straight output from my iphone 3gs. I am looking at AKG K272 HD for 200 USD...
  19. Deviant Mind

    AKG K272 HD

    Hi all, i got a K272HD the other day for christmas but am not sure they are for me, never really had a set of these big headphones, i want a set that is easy to take around with me, hardly listen to music from my stereo as i have speakers for that, dont see the need for 3 meters of cable stuffed...
  20. AjRocha

    AKG K 272 HD

    Are these any good for metal??
  21. afuturestrader

    Best Neutral Headphones

    New to Head-Fi and this will be my first foray into "real" headphones.   What is the best $150 or less headphones with a neutral sound?   I am unclear regarding the advantages/disadvantages to open vs. closed headphones but mine will be used in my large home office, sometimes with my...
  22. shakgriig

    Need "upgrade" to my Sennheisers

    So I am looking for a something to replace my HD 439s for as cheap as possible without being a huge downgrade(not that these are high end anyway) for my uses. My issue is that the pads don't fit quite well enough on my ears so why my right ear is fine enough, my left war is constantly...
  23. AlienBoy

    Music stores in Great Los Angeles area for headphone demo?

    Recently I want to upgrade my old headphone, I’ve been benefited by many good posts on Head-Fi, thank you all for who posted! I’ve searched several models, due to my need for sound design and also a bit for music listening (assorted genre), I’m trying to find one that can be driven by sound card...
  24. TubaHeavy

    best phones for instrumental w/ vocal

    Yes, another "help i don't know what to buy!" thread. I have a budget of about ~200 bucks, and prefer phones that don't need an amp. I mostly listen to ska punk, classical, and Jazz with vocals. I'm looking for a good pair of phones that have a good balance between the vocals and instruments...
  25. lweijs

    AKG K272HD vs AKG K271 MKII

    I'm looking to buy a new (closed) headphone. The last 6 month's I've been using my Sennheiser HD555's. However I've decided that I would like to purchase a closed headphone for other situations. The AKG's seem like a good choice for me, but I would like to know what people suggest between...