1. UpWaiting

    AKG K242 HD vs AKG K272 HD

    I don't really mind about the price, I just want your personal opinion about the headphones. I listen to mostly rock. Also let me know if their better with an amp. 
  2. darkmonohue

    Closed cans: AKG k 272 or Beyer DT770 600 ohm

    I'm looking for new sealed headphones.  I'm currently using Sennheiser HD 280s, but would like more bass, and find the pleather earpads get uncomfortable during long sessions.  I want good sound, but am willing to compromise some for noise abatement (I'll be using these on planes and in cafes)...
  3. linglingjr

    AKG K272 vs. ATH A900 for unamped listening

    Okay so  I have been in the market for a nice pair of closed headphones for a while and have done a decent amount of research to cut done my choices. I will not be using any amp at all ever, my devices are Hp pavilion, Samsung tab 10.1, and htc evo. My main question is how do the 272s sound un...
  4. JHex2

    Good headphones to pair with NFB-12

    Hi everyone,    I'm looking for an upgrade on headphones for my computer.   I've been using an NFB-12 amp/dac with AKG 272HD headphones. The setup is connected to my computer through an optical spdif cable. I use it mostly to listen to my small collection of lossless music.   The...
  5. adibis

    Headphone Advice - for Classic Rock, Classical, Instrumental. Detachable cord preferred

    I have been reading head-fi reviews and forums for quite some time now. I am planning on buying full sized headphone around the $100-150 mark.   Here's what I mostly listen to - www.last.fm/user/adityashevade Apart from what is there - I also listen to classical (both western and Indian) a...
  6. rh495140704

    K271 and K272, which is better for classical?

    Hello, I want to ask a question that, K271 and K272, which is better for classical? Thank you.
  7. legitaudio

    What are some very nice headphones I could use while recording music?

    I've been looking around and stores around me really don't give you a huge selection of headphones to what I want to use them for, all i see is "dre beats" and I'm not really wow'd by them. So I want to know what you guys think i should look into, it would help out a lot   
  8. personnamedmatt

    Replacing a pair of Bose Around-Ear Triports. Any suggestions?

    Hello, Head Fi Forumers.  As you can probably see, I'm brand new around here, so you'll just have to hang on for a while as I get used to things...   I've been looking for a good pair of headphones, and am really considering the Sennheiser HD 595's.  Right now, I have a pair of Bose...
  9. Costeguado

    Help! Popping sounds on PS3 games?

  10. sandwichman1973

    Budget amp for AKG 272/271? (Fiio E9 vs. Head Box Mk II?)

    I´m looking for a good budget amp for my AKG 272. Right now I´m using a small portable Little Dot Micro +. Fiio E9 is maybe my best choice? I´m also interested in the Head Box Mk II. Any AKG owners out there with any experience of these amps, or perhaps any other suggestions?
  11. Psychlist1972

    Recommendations for home studio / computer / conferencing Phones

    I work from home, and wear headphones > 12 hours a day. I do a lot of teleconferencing, and need to be able to make out individual speakers on the line. This is challenging to impossible with headphones that are open. I had a pair of inexpensive noise cancelling phones in the past that worked...
  12. Costeguado

    DAC/Amp For Gaming And Music

  13. fozi

    Audiophile class closed headies from Sennheiser?

    Have you ever wondered why Sennheiser doesn't produce audiophile class closed back headphones? I have for a few days, and it took me 5 years to suddenly realise this. I think the 600-series is really demanding a believable closed back set. The 280 Pro doesn't do that job. It is clearly with...
  14. eMotion3287

    DT 770 32ohm or K272 HD? need some help mates!

    Ok, so tax returns are in and I just bought my Cowon I9 portable media player (SUPER excited to test this BBE Technology) for my FLAC and APE files. Now I just need some cans!!! I'm trying to decide between the Beyerdynamic DT 770 32ohm and the AKG K272 HD. my decision will be made on...
  15. elmonster

    Don't know what to get next after being disappointed many times??

    So i have my AKG K272HD headphones for home use and am very happy with them but i needed/need something portable so i bought the Sennheiser PX-100 II and they sounded quite good but they were not closed back and let out a ton of sound(not good while on a quiet train).So then i thought i'll get a...
  16. olsonc84

    Made this thread in error. please see revised thread

    So my current setup is Sennheiser HD-650s using an iBasso T3 portable amp on a Cowon S9. I also have a Cardas cable coming.   What I'm wondering is for the price range of $250 - $450ish if there is something that you guys prefer more (e.g. Grado R2i, Denon AH-D5000). I listen to mostly hip...
  17. justinmonty

    Need help Choosing my 1st good headphones

    Hey guys well this is going to be the first time I purchase a good quality headphone! I was looking up quite a bit and I'm deciding to stick with an AKG model, however I'm not sure as to which I should get. I'll be using the headphones from anything from pc, to tv to gaming and ipods a lot, I do...
  18. justinmonty

    AKG K 271 with an Ipod

    Hey guys I was wondering about the AKG 271/ 272 and how well it did with an ipod I do not have a portable amp just one for my desktop computer/tv. I am very interested in purchasing some however I'm getting mixed reviews on how well it does without in amp on something like an Ipod   Thanks
  19. fish3191

    Very Comfortable Lightweight Closed Headphones (~$300)

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a nice very comfortable, very lightweight, closed headphone around 300 bucks give or take.   I have had the Ultrasone Pro 750's for a little over a year now and am looking to try out a new set of cans.  I absolutely love the soundstage and clarity...
  20. Fejglobal

    AKG 272 HD "troubles"....AH-D5/7000 the solution or rather an amp?

    Guys,    first of all congrats! I ve been following the forum for some time and am utterly impressed by the level of expertise, camaraderie and etiquette on this forum...having a broad range of interests and thus taking part in different forums, I wish more forums would be on the same level...
  21. HiFiGuy528

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Let's see your headphones station at it's current state.  You can clean things up and bit, but it has to be your current station.  NO old pictures please.   here is mine.  Took the pictures this morning.      
  22. JHex2

    AKG K272 vs AKG Q701

    Hi guys,    I have a computer that is extremely loud, due to my installing 7 3000rpm fans that are about 46dBa each. Its too loud to use speakers, so I want to move to headphones. I have a set of beats studios, but I also want to use an amp/dac to get the best possible quality, and I know...
  23. Morten

    What is AKG's best closed-back design?

  24. chef8489

    AKG k272 anything like it?

    Well a few years ago I was looking at the akg k272 but did not buy it. Now it is not made any mnore and I am trying to find more about them and if there sis something similar.
  25. elmonster

    AKG K272 HD first impressions

    Just bought these today and fist off let me say they are quite amazing especially for classical music.But there good with just about all types of music though the bass is very mild so for rap maybe not the best,but i do like it that way so you can hear more of the backgrounds.You can hear every...