1. aznsensazian

    AKG K270S

    Hey guys and gals, does anyone have any information on these and how they sound? I find them quite interesting as they are a two driver each cup design kinda like my k340s. I also heard that they used to be the pro studio standard and are in high regard. Ive read some websites giving them good...
  2. AzraelDarkangel

    $6 dollar headphone kills my Ultrasone!

    I liked my DT880 better anyway but the Ultrasone pro 750 wasn't too bad. Just not as smooth sounding or comfortable. Today I went by Goodwill and found these for $6, quadrophonic headphones Realistic Nova44 (I use them in stereo mode from my Pioneer reciever ): Modded them to take care of a...
  3. PurpleAngel

    The AKG Infomation Thread

    AKG K702, Q701, K701, K601, K550, K272HD, H271, K270MKII, K242HD, K240MKII, K240 Studio, K240M, K240DF, K240 Sextett, K172, K171, K170, K142, K141, K140, etc.   As the proud owner of an AKG K240M Monitor 600-Ohm headphone (and soon to add a AKG K242HD to my collection). I think it would be...
  4. mudihan

    AKG K270, and MB Quart QP95 (Quart Phone 95, TOTL), in Excellent condition, for vintage Stax Lambda

    Trade: I am interested in getting a pair of Stax Lambda, normal bias or pro bias.    AKG SOLD. MB Quart moved to here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/671344/mb-quart-qp95-quart-phone-95-totl-in-excellent-condition   AKG K270: Sold (I will eat the Paypal fees) + shipping (see bottom)   They...
  5. Punnisher

    AKG K270 Studio, Thoughts

    I've been out of the headphone game for some time now, focusing on my 2-channel speaker setup rather than headphones for the last two years. The last headphones I bought were a pair of ESW9 for $80 four months ago (audio-technica warehouse sale ftw). Though I have  been slowly but surely making...
  6. homeros8000

    KT88 Pads for K340, K270, K280, K271, K272 (SOLD)

    I have a pair of those that I'm not using. If interested please send me PM.
  7. sgraphics

    How long do headphones usually last?

    I bought some lousy AIWA headphones about a year ago. At first the bass was ok and the phones were OK for their price (about 14$ ). Anyway after about three months the bass became distorted when I upped the volume a bit. This i guess is partly due to me listening m a i n l y bassy, speedy music...
  8. rhythmdevils

    FS: AKG K270 Playback in mint conition (super rare)

    I've got a pair of these to sell.  I was looking for a pair for a few years and this is the only one I've ever found, and they happen to be in mint condition.  I only know of 2 other pairs on Head-fi.  These are dual driver headphones, 2 drivers per channel, and are the "more musical" version of...
  9. markblack

    akg k270 vs. GermanMaestro GMP 8.35 D Headphones

    Hello,   first post here, so fingers crossed this ain't a dumb question. I own a pair of akg k270's and I just wondered if anyone could tell me how these would compare sounds-wise to the GermanMaestro GMP 8.35 D Headphones?   I know build quality wise the GMP's are tank like.   I'm...
  10. WorkInProgress

    Newbie In Need Of Advice

    Hey guys, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I pride myself on my wide variety of music, and because of this I purchased a set of AKG K270 MKII's. I thought they would be everything I wanted in a headset, sadly they are not. The sound very lacking, and I miss the depth of the bass. They are-in short-...
  11. cybertron

    FS: AKG K270 Studio - Broken

    I traded these from tr3vis324 back in March 2011, and I've enjoyed them for about 3 hours total since then. They are basically in new condition I'd say, as they have no scratches on them at all.    Looking for $85 Shipped CONUS I am sad to say that the Left driver has completely stopped...
  12. maxietheboss

    Looking for new headphones

    I am currently looking for new headphones. I am currently using a creative fatal1ty mk2 headset. It's ok for listening to music, but not for thoroughly enjoying and feeling music. Before this I used a sennheiser HD205 which I just can't wear, as they start hurting really bad after about a...
  13. MonkeH

    Reliable half decent circumaurals?

    Hi,   I'm new to the head-fi scene and looking to purchase my first reasonable pair of headphones. I wear cans for about 8-10 hours per day and I'm fed up of breaking cheap ones (usually cables and joints) so I'm thinking it is about time I invested in something that sounds good and lasts...
  14. CptKlotz

    AKG history - the introduction of the "parabolic" headphones (K 270, K 280).

    Hi everybody...   here's a bit of history for the "vintage AKG geeks" around here.     I like the good old K 270 and K 280 a lot and I was interested in their history, so I asked AKG for some details.     The kind folks at AKG clarified some things for me and since this may be...
  15. ZOKROX

    Poll Best Headphones for Studio Mixing

    Which headphone is best for studio mixing? These are the TYPE of famous recording/mixing studios I'm talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...ording_studios I ran out of space and left off many headphones such as the Sennheiser HD280 PRO. Feel free to vote for any other...
  16. DukeSilver

    Akg k270 studios.

    I found a guy on craigslist selling 3 pairs of k270s which all need to have one side repaired. I'm thinking the wires need to be re-soldered to the drivers, but i don't know too much about these headphones to take the gamble granted he is selling them for very very little money.    Main...
  17. gradohn

    Request - Musical Fidelity X-CAN or Graham Slee Novo

    Pls someone let me know if MF X-CAN or Graham Slee Novo is good to pair with my vintage AKG 270 and Beyerdynamic DT990?   Thank you,
  18. gnirrednow

    FiiO E07K has severely distorted output

    I just opened the Andes a few minutes ago, hoping for some awesome sounds but instead everything is distorted and broken sounding. I was trying to search for a similar help thread and someone with a slightly different problem described their sound as 'a broken FM radio' and that's pretty much...
  19. mercatorn

    Multiple driver full size headphones

    Are there any full sized headphones with more than 1 driver? I see a lot of IEMs with 2,3,4 drivers and it makes a vast improvement for the sound. So why not full size headphones too? If anyone can enlighten me or knows of a headphone  thanks for the info! 
  20. K

    used AKG K270

    I have a set of used AKG K270 studio headphones for sale. I've had these for a long time. Don't quote me on this, but I believe I bought them in 2003. I don't know how many hours I used them, I'd say at least 3000 hours. I took good care of these headphones, they are in good shape. They only saw...
  21. K

    used AKG K270

    I have a set of used AKG K270 studio headphones for sale. I've had these for a long time. Don't quote me on this, but I believe I bought them in 2003. I don't know how many hours I used them, I'd say at least 3000 hours. I took good care of these headphones, they are in good shape. They only saw...
  22. AKG K 270 Studio

    AKG K 270 Studio

    Closed headphones with 2 drivers in each earpiece. Good comfort, good isolation, sound quality corresponds to its price.