1. aexlii

    Help a new guy? :D

    Edit: please close, found the recommendation thread. Sorry for the trouble guys
  2. NerdsofSteel

    Looking for headphones as a first time buyer

    I am not sure what I am looking for other my price is around $50-$80. I don't mind if they are open or closed, but there are two problems. first is I live in southeast asia which get's really hot during the day, so i'm guessing I'm looking for some headphones with velour earpads, but they don't...
  3. Nick01

    AKG K242

    These headphones arrived on May 19th. I bought it together with the K701 due to rave reviews on both, to see which I like more. I much preferred the sound and looks of the K701, so that's the reason I'm selling this one. Mint condition, working perfectly well...it's only been over a month :)...
  4. Nick01

    AKG K242

    First owner Got them in April this year. Perfect condition, Price is Australian dollars. Total weight of headphone box and shipping carton is just under 1 kg. Shipping within Australia                     $12.60 (or a bit more dependent on postcodes) Shipping to Zone B...
  5. Hevan

    K240 MKII = K242 HD??

    Does anyone know if the K240 MKII is the same as the K242 HD? And that the only diff is some detachable cable/different ear cushions?   I've tried now HD 595 & DT 990 pro's and both I didn't like comfort-wise, the K242HD looks really nice but I can't find any info about it, so I was...
  6. FFab

    Suggestions about akg k242 hd

    Hi all, almost 1 year ago i bought 2 headphones to listen music with my pc and portable mp3. One bad pair of philips shp1900 (that i throw in short time) and another pair of philips shp5401, this one was much better, i found their sound very good for the price i have paied. Now i'm thinking to...
  7. ZetsuBozu0012

    AKG K242 HD: From A Layman's Perspective

    Got a new pair of cans today, the AKG K242 HDs, which are the consumer-oriented version of the popular K240s. Gonna be burning them in over the next few days before posting my opinions here.   From what I've heard so far, they sound a bit muffled, though that may go away after a few hours...
  8. ZetsuBozu0012

    [HELP NEEDED] Dismantling the AKG K242 HD

    Now, I realize that dismantling a headphone is a really good way of emptying your wallet (in case the humor was too vague, I meant that one might have to buy a replacement pair in case the one you're working on gets damaged beyond any hope of repair), but I think that this is something of a...
  9. odgr


    hello, new member here and new I'm everything respecting audio.  first post, btw. looking to upgrade my Audio Technica ATH-A900, I'm between the AKG K 242 vs the AKG K 272.  I was going to buy the K 242 because of the semi-open design but  willing to spend 85$ more on the K 272...
  10. AdamTR

    AKG K242 HD Problem?

    Hi guys,   I have some trouble with my akg k242hd,  the right side don't give sound any more...(sometimes when I pull on the plastic stripes (on top) the sound comes back but when I move or bend it goes back to silent.. anyone had experience with this issue or the same with other AKG...
  11. JulienS

    So good, it's frightening! AKG K242, vintage

    just bought these AKG K242 (not the current HD version, but the vintage ones, from the 70s or the 80s, don't know for sure). Now, they sound too good to be true. I don't know their history with previous owners, but I begun to suspect that someone made some tweaks to them. I also own Sennheiser...
  12. blakey72

    Need light, very comfortable semi-open or open phones for wife's uni lectures.

    Hi. I'm looking for a pair of budget headphones for my wife. She will be using them for listening to podcasts at home so have to be nice and light and be very comfortable. She really doesn't like them to be HUGE just standard sort of size. Semi-open or open would be her choice as she finds her...
  13. Amputate

    Time to ditch the Sennheiser 598s

    Hellow Head-fi!   I hope you guys don't mind me making an account here just to pick your brains  Anyways, For the longest time I've been using Sennheiser HD 598s (those ugly beige/brown ones) and overall have been very disappointed with them. There are 2 reasons why I dislike them.  ...
  14. Capardio

    New AKG Headphones "By Tiësto"

    So apparently AKG is to release new headphones in a collaboration with Tiësto in June. This was on Tiësto's facebook page:   " Tiësto is proud to announce his collaboration with AKG to create his very own AKG by Tiësto headphones! The range will be made up of three different models and...
  15. UpWaiting

    AKG K242 HD vs AKG K272 HD

    I don't really mind about the price, I just want your personal opinion about the headphones. I listen to mostly rock. Also let me know if their better with an amp. 
  16. metsat

    AKG K 701, Sennheiser HD650 or Beyerdynamic DT880?

    Hi everyone,   I currently own AKG 242 HD and Audio Technica M50 headphones but mostly use the 242 HD. I want to upgrade to a real high-end headphone and need help with my choice. I narrowed down my options to three headphones as the title of this thread states. Which one should I go for? I...
  17. xHiLex

    HD598's - Are they good for Heavy Metal/Rock/Deathcore/Dubstep?

    Looking at purchasing either AKG K701, K242s or HD598 - Deciding what would be the best for the type of music i listen to.   Or if anybody could give me other suggestions in my price range of $150-$250 am looking at buying used off this forum also, environment doesnt matter at all as ill be...
  18. 65dos

    Amp for 100$

    Please recommend amp for akg 242/ thanks
  19. linglingjr

    AKG K272 vs. ATH A900 for unamped listening

    Okay so  I have been in the market for a nice pair of closed headphones for a while and have done a decent amount of research to cut done my choices. I will not be using any amp at all ever, my devices are Hp pavilion, Samsung tab 10.1, and htc evo. My main question is how do the 272s sound un...
  20. ccaian

    Headphones for around ~ HD 598

    What headphones would be the best around the price range of the HD 598.   Also would the headphones require an amp, if so recommend me one, price range maybe a 100-200$, some thing around there   I don't want a amp that "color" the sound. I'm on a budget, so no amp if possible.
  21. JGent

    Headphone options at around £100, also beyerdynamic DT 880 scam on ebay

    Hi Guys   I’m looking to replace my damaged Grado 125's (beyond repair).  From what I read and for my £100 price, a lot of people seem to think the Grado SR80I is about the best bet at this price.  Thing is I liked the Grade’s, but they are not very comfortable, leak sound like crazy but did...
  22. jhtang2

    Headphones under 170

    Hey y'all. Ive been looking around for headphones that have good sound quality,bass, for all types of music. R&B, hip hop, jazz, classical.   I am looking not only for sound quality, but material quality, and appearance.    I have a couple of AKG phones that are decent at the moment such...
  23. Shoewreck

    K 240 Monitor to DF modification

    While fixing my K240 Monitor I noticed two small holes next to capsule output leads: It was quite obvious to me that the main difference between DF and Monitor is dampening, so I tried to obstruct the holes with sticky tape: I can't A/B this with a "true" DF to check if that was the...
  24. K-Tee

    Over ear headphones under $130

    Hey I'm new to this whole posting thing and wanted to know if there are any good over the ear headphones for under 130. My boyfriend is looking for ones with good build quality, very comfortable, and good sound. They don't have to have audiophile quality sound but sound good for the price. Oh...
  25. 1

    newbie with some questions...... sorry......

    been looking at the web site for awhile now, alot of info and i know im asking the same questions that has been asked, forgive me    Im wanting some good over the ear headphones ($500 or down) not sure yet about amp and all the good gizmos. main use will be ipod 160gb all in lossless format...