1. tdockweiler

    Upgrade from AKG K240 to 271/272

    I bought the AKG K240 the other day and got them today. I've only burned them in for about 4 hours so far, but they sound pretty good. They were labeled as not having the original box, but I got them and they came with the box and look brand new. I did not get the version with the extras. They...
  2. Gsmith

    AKG K 271 vs. Sennheiser HD555 vs. Grado SR 225i

    Looking for some good headphones for my laptop and ipod (moslty laptop), i listen to a lot of different music but usually rock and alternative, some rapcore. Which one would work the best for me? If you have any other suggestions let me know.
  3. blem

    AKG K240 Sextett questions

    I recently bought an AKG K240 Sextett from ebay (65 euros). They smelled of smoke when I received them, and the pads were a little worn, so I ordered a new set of pads (from Thomann Cyberstore) along with new foam sheets which they did not come with. I was pleasantly suprised by the sound...
  4. ufotofu

    Which closed cans are most likely to satisfy my needs?

    A few points for consideration:   I like my Grado SR80s, but I need a set to listen to in bed while my wife snoozes next to me.   The Grados are a tad bit harsh on the top even with the EF2 tube amp. I'd like something with a bigger soundstage (wider and deeper), as well as better...
  5. HyperM3

    Looking for closed cans because of travel but don't want to skimp anywhere.

    I currently have SE530's with custom tips and SRH840 headphones. I will only be running whatever I get out of an ipod classic(or with the addition of a portable amp). I love love love the sound of the SE530's and they are everything I'm looking for. However, they are annoying to take in and out...
  6. Akg HSD 271 (Single-Sided)

    Akg HSD 271 (Single-Sided)

    The AKG HSD 271 Single is a professional single-sided headset designed for commentators, off-camera moderators, camera operators, or sound engineers in broadcast and location recording applications. The HSD 271 Single is notable for comfortable padded earpads, a hyper-cardioid directional...