1. Ikarios

    I wish someone would come up with third-party K240 pads!

    I've been getting into vintage AKGs lately and they just sound so awesome for their age and current price. However, they all have one major caveat - the comfort. As it stands, every one of the pleather pads I've gotten with the vintage K240s (so far, I've gotten four K240 variants and a K340)...
  2. violineb

    Recommendation on headphones in style of K701, K240, ATH-AD700...without amp.

    I have a pair of K701s that I love to death (love the RS1 too). My girlfriend far prefers the K701 (doesn't like the looks of Grados), mostly for looks but also the sound. I'm trying to find something in a similar style that is slightly more drivable by an Ipod touch 4G. I have to admit that I...
  3. WhiteCrow

    Will a sansa Clip power the AKG k240?

    Well, My mom just totally had a fit listing to my k500, she started crying and stuff....was mind blowing, so I wanted to get some K240's for her birthday, she dose not have a computer so I wanted get her an Mp3 player to use with them, would a sansaclip power them or should I get a sonywalkman*I...
  4. deji

    100€ headphone reccomendation for a newbie

    I'm sporting a pair of HD 202 that I love to bits, but I've had them for like 6-8 years now and the earpads are so worn out I simply must get some new ones. No big deal, they've served me really well.   Price range is about 100€. I'm willing to go up to 130€ if I really have to. Has to...
  5. tdogzthmn

    AKG K240 Monitor: Capable?

    I would like to know how good an K240 M (600) can sound with proper amping and source. Let me know what amp you are using.
  6. Drake22

    best HP for male vocals and electric guitar?

    What would that be, considering the money isn't a problem?   I am searching for one, and it's most important for me that it sounds great with clean male vocals and have crisp and powerful electric guitar sound. I've tried already dt880, hd600, hd650, sr325i, gs1000, hf2 and ad700 but none...
  7. theW

    Suggestions Needed: Searching for the Brand to meet my musical tastes.

    Hello, I posted this same query in the 'DON'T START A NEW THREAD' Thread, but I only got one reponse.  I'm hoping to get a little more input, so here goes:   I am contemplating a new headphone purchase and could use some help.  I currently own Audio Technica ATH-AD700's but am looking for...
  8. ELENI4

    AKG 240 model confusion

    What's the difference between the AKG K240 sextett, the 240S, the 240DF, the 240M, and the 240MKII? Help. Which are the best cans? What's the difference in sound quality, the ability to drive them, etc. I have the 240S but if one of these is considered better, I'd like to know that as well.
  9. Farch

    What amp for AKG 240 M

    Hi there!   First of all, receive my best wishes for the new year! Well, my question is: has anyone ever experienced a nice matching with AKG 240 Monitor (600 Ohm version)? I've got some recently standard overhauled ones and I wish I could find a headphones amp  proper to supply that 240...
  10. DjAmTraX

    Shure SRH-840 for $119

  11. sml1226

    Looking at upgrading from el cheapos (finally) and need help.

    I'm looking for something to listen to with my iPod. I'm definitely getting an amp if I get any decent phones, almost definitely LOD as well. All of my music is either 320Kbps MP3 or in the process of being re-ripped/re-downloaded. Actually it's all being done as FLAC and then converted in...
  12. mojobebop

    akg 240 monitor

    I'm wondering how the 240 monitor, & 141 monitor akgs stand up to others which also have 600 ohms?   (such as the beyer dt880 premium).
  13. eksplosions

    I've been told this is the place to go to ask about headphones; looking to get my first quality pair!

    I've read a few posts on the matter while lurking, but I'd like to have a concise discussion here tailored to me-- I hope that's not too selfish! So here's the deal...   I've been rocking iPod earbuds since forever--  they never hurt my ear, they were portable enough, and both sounded and...
  14. oni9

    Superlux 668b Earpads

    I'm having problems finding a reasonable source to get replacement earpads for these headphones to Canada. I've seen AKG 240 velour pads on thomann.de but they cost more than the actual headphone to get them shipped here.   Does anyone know if DT 770 earpads work on these headphones?
  15. Clincher09

    Shure SRH750DJ VS Beyer DT770-80

    After much searching I've come down to picking between these 2 headphones. I know both of them are bass heavy, but what will be the deciding factor is which one is more balanced and offers more soundstage. I'm really not looking for other suggestions, I just need to know which of these 2 will be...
  16. MaxwellDemon

    What's next after SRH840?

    Well, let's keep this short. I am thinking of adding another desktop headphone into my inventory. Hopefully open-back this time. However, I am not really sure which headphone is suitable. A lot of the upper-tier headphones are said to require desktop amps, which I cannot afford to have for more...
  17. sbaker5

    Best headphones under 100$ for hard rock and metal?

    After years of crappy headphones I think it is time I got something better, they will be ran off my computers sound card (reaktek HD audio) and mostly used for rock, metal and gaming. I know about the grados but people say they are extremely uncomfortable and after using my logitech headphones...
  18. Deathshead

    Grado sr60 best bang for my buck for monitoring bass guitar? (or others in the price range)

    Hi there, After years of dealing with in-ears I have had it, my ears are always terribly sore, isolation issues, etc.   I play bass guitar and I like to play along with certain track to learn timing etc.. I play a wide variety of music.. from smooth jazz to hardcore punk rock.   Im...
  19. IllPaki

    Which full-sized, closed headphones should I buy for under $100?

    I'm new to this forum and was looking for a new set of closed, circumaural headphones under $100. I plan on mainly using them while studying in my school's university center where it's quite loud at times or at my own apartment. I was looking at a couple headphones including the Audio Technica...
  20. humpty

    Another Recomendations Thread - For Music Production/Mixing

    Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been discussed many times but I have searched and read lots but not come to a conclusion. Many of the opinions on here seem to be based on gaming/movies/pleasure listening but I am looking for some headphones for music production, mixing in particular.  I know...
  21. tdockweiler

    KRK KNS-8400 Review (Impressive $150 headphone)

    NOTE: PLEASE READ!! This is an update to the review posted below.   I owned the KRK KNS-8400 for over 6 months. Eventually I found myself not needing an extra closed portable headphone so I sold it. I always liked it, so I decided to give it another try in July 2011. I should have kept it...
  22. Clincher09

    Which set of Headphones is right for me?

    After doing a lot of research and asking around I've narrowed it down to the Audio Technica M50s, Shure SRH440s, and the AKG K-240s. I listen to a pretty wide range of music, some of the bands I listen to often are Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and I'd...
  23. Smittyy6

    Upgrading from IEMs to some cans

    Cliffs at the bottom for those who don't want to read a book.   Hey all,   I've been lurking hard around here for the past few weeks. I've found myself wanting more out of my music experience lately and, with Christmas right around the corner, might as well let old St. Nick take care of...
  24. Punnisher

    AKG model most like Sextett MP?

    I recently got a K240 Sextett MP and after a week I am a bit obsessed with them. I love their character overall. I wanted to get newer or new pair for office use. Thing is, I want them to sound as much like the Sextett MP as possible.   Which model K240 has the most similar sound signature...
  25. Kevin Brown

    Newbie Q: sensitivity and impedance (AKG K240DF's) ?

    Just got a pair of the AKG's due to the large number of comments here and elsewhere about their neutrality.    But I can't drive them adequately straight out of a PC.   Impedance is 600 ohms, sensitivity is 88 dB.   My understanding is that the higher the impedance, with a constant...