1. manufelices

    Best amp+DAC usb for a laptop?

    Hi! What do you think is the best portable amp+DAC usb for a laptop? Currently I have the Fiio E 10 and I´d like to improve it. My headphones are AKG K500 (soon AKG 702)
  2. darkarn

    Amps that Need only One Tube v.s. Amps that Need more than One Tube?

    Hi guys, I am now tube amp-less and thus am planning for my next move (i.e. should I buy back same model or...?)   I noticed that the market has amps that need only one tube (e.g. 12AU7) and amps that need more than one tube.   Is there any difference between them and what should I (not)...
  3. Chigorin

    AKG 702 SXC Cryo Cable by ALO Audio

    Cable Description: Featuring unidirectional OCC that is silver plated, being free from impurity (up to 99.99998% pure copper) has electric resistance and practically no crystal boundaries. Accordingly, it is able to transmit electrical signals faster, and with less distortion than ordinary OFC...