1. asegier

    AK300 or Opus #3? (Alternatively AK70 Mk II, and Mk I or Opus #1?)

    Dear All, I am relatively new to DAPs and currently use a AK Jr. But I find the interface to be really slow and the unit freezes on me from time to time being really unreliable. As I've never had another DAP before, and I was thinking of upgrading, looking locally there are 3 units secondhand...
  2. monkey51

    Balanced headphones (4 pole TRRS) under £100

    HI guys , Have a AK70 MKii on the way which I got half price due to the 3.5mm jack not working , but going to use Bluetooth anyway with my AKG Y50 BTs (can these be used on the balanced output with a 2.5mm to 2.5mm cable ? ), my question is can you guys recommend any over ear or on ear balanced...
  3. D

    Want to try open back phones!

    For my type of music, vocal abd acoustic, really liking A-Ha's unplugged cd, which is the type of music I enjoy. It seems open backs are more suited for this. So am looking for a pair that can be driven straight from a DAP (A&KAK70) with a top budget of £200. Suggestions most welcome!
  4. P

    First time DAP user: iRiver AK70

    I bought a new AK70 and I'm loving the sound quality. I understand you can drag and drop but I would really like to sync my files, especially my playlists. However when I do sync them using MediaMonkey the song files are fine but the playlists display "0 songs". Is there are special setting or...
  5. S

    Astell & Kern-70 DAP + Bowers & Wilkins P9 headphones

    After much reading i pretty much decided to buy Astell & Kern-70 DAP and B&W P9 headphones. Does anyone own this gear? Can anyone tell me if it´s a good combination? Does anyone have experiences of Pioneer XDP-30? Does AK-70 sound better then Pioneer XDP-30? Thanks
  6. LondonGecko

    AK70 to AK320 - good move?

    Long time lurker, but new to posting on the forums. I currently have an AK70 with Shure SE535s, and generally have a 24 bit collection, with a few legacy items ripped to FLAC from CD. In terms of musical tastes, it's probably best described as guitar based rock, from Pink Floyd through most of...