1. nlowran

    SOLD - MrSpeaker AFC

    Hey Guys, Selling my pair of AEON Flow Closed headphones that are in great contition. With the headphones comes all the original items in box including all the different dampening materials, case, microfiber wipe, and certificate of authenticity. For those unfamiliar with the AFC, they are...
  2. Homrsimson

    WTT Aeon Flow Closed + Cash for Aeon 2 Closed

    I have a mint and complete set of AFC that I would be willing to trade for the Aeon 2 closed. I actually have a long vivo cable terminated in 1/4 that I would include, so long as it's valued into the deal. I see there's an aeon 2 open on the market for a bit above $700, so I'm looking to do a...
  3. Jackpot77

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed + additional balanced cable

    ** SOLD - please close ** Aeon Flow Closed in mint condition up for sale or trade (sale preferred). Comes with box and all original accessories, certificate of authenticity etc, plus one 4ft OIDIO custom cable terminated in 4-pin XLR for use with balanced desktop amp. Received in trade with...
  4. S

    SOLD - Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Closed

    So I gotta pair of AFC's that need to go to a new home. They've been lightly used with a head time of less than 10 hours primarily while studying. They are in immaculate 10/10 condition and have been well taken care of. Items included: AFC headphones, headphone case, stock cable with 6.35mm...