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  10. Mrcloc

    Marley Smiles and Aerial7 comparison and my review

    I need in-ears while I'm at work because I can't put on big headphones, but I need music. I also don't need super quality, so I bought a pair of Marley Smiles because they look great and people seem to enjoy their sound. I have needed another pair now, so I decided to try the Aerial7 Neo. I have...
  11. Furieux

    What are the most overpriced headphone you ever bought ?

    The title says it all. I recently got a pair of AERIAL7 A-List absolute royale used (paid 100$), but they are selling at 300$ according to multiple retail website.   These cans are fancy, they look good when they are on the table but once you put them on you head you like like an idiot...
  12. iEar

    Do headphones that boast freq response down to 5hz really deliver this?

    Hi, I am new on the forum and would really appreciate some info on headphones that claim to deliver bass down to 5hz. Ariel7's tank range have this on the spec sheet but I've not found any reviews yet that verify this. I know the brain isn't supposed to be able to process such low frequencies...
  13. killer401

    is Arial7good ? which model should i buy ?

         i went to the Arial 7 website and saw some really sickk headphones .. i just wanna find out about the sound quality.. can someone tell me about their sound quality?? i'll be listening to rock n stuff so i dont really care about the bass .. i'm looking for some funky headphones...
  14. aburigo

    Which headphone should I buy?

    Hello people, I'm an amateur in headphones and i am wondering to buy one for me. Given that I am Brazilian, i was searching some brands in ebay, like Skullcandy and Aerial7. I love the headphones from Skullcandy, but searching on the forum, some people spoke that Skullcandy's sucks! Told...
  15. lilkoolaidman

    Aerial7 headphones?

    So, first I must say, that I am not a true audiophile as I do not purchase $1,000 + setups and what not, but I do appreciate good sound and I know any input here will be more valuable than Yahoo! answers. Now, I really like the looks of Skullcandy headphones, but they're overpriced, sound...