1. Thr0waway

    Need a replacement for my Id America Spark (IEM under $30)

    Two years ago I saw ljokerl's threads about the america spark: and I bought them and have been using them...
  2. kasimka

    Another "up to 200$" thread

    Hi there! I'm new to this place although read the forum for a year or so.   Now I have HA-FX35, IE4 (which I don't really like) and Yuin PK-3 which I really like but I need much more isolation little more treble and maybe little wider stage. Budget up to 200$. Source is sandisk clip+, can...
  3. bubsdaddy

    Are the drivers the same in the Turbine, Turbine Gold and Turbine Copper?

    Are they the same? is it just the material used to make the housing that improves the sound? Just curious.
  4. Aerial7 Matador Joker Headphones

    Aerial7 Matador Joker Headphones

    Matador Headphone Don't let the compact profile deceive you: the MATADOR series delivers all the power and rich sound of our larger DJ headphones, but in a more nimble frame. Thundering bass. Hard-charging highs. Crisp, consistent mids. Experience them all through comfortable ultra-plush ear...