1. minhquancanon7d

    Iem for workout ~100$

    I'm considering a set of Iem for workout ~100$ and I'm looking at: sennheiser ocx685i sennheiser cx680 sennheiser cx980(I own it but it's very hard to get a seal wih silicone because with foamy and when I became sweat the foam fell apart!)  sennheiser ocx880 sony xb90ex(I own it but...
  2. Yggdrassilious

    Sennheiser adidas MX 680i SPORTS (iPhone remote/mic) LIKE NEW

    Sennheiser adidas MX 680i SPORTS earbuds! Used only a couple times, 3 hours at max. Basically brand new.   Features Sennheiser sound with adidas design. Ear-fin twist-to-fit design, water-resistant, remote with microphone for iPhone and iPods.    All original packaging/box/accessories...
  3. blizardwizard

    Workout Phones for the Sweaty head-fi'er.

    So I'm looking for a pair of phones to take on workouts. Criteria is an all around, biking, running, lifting, and longboarding. Waterproof. And seriously waterproof. I sweat bullets every time its over 70*F, when I'm done running I look like I took a shower... So with the wind rushing...
  4. average_joe

    Workout Headphone Review – Sennheiser/Adidas CX 680 Sports & PMX 680 Sports

    Many of us use headphones while working out, but what is the best choice for you? Before head-fi I used to use Sony folding sport headphones for my workouts (weights and bike/treadmill). Over time the tiny holes would clog, I would clean them, and repeat, but every 6 months or so the sound...
  5. dreamLRG

    Best I.E.Ms for working out?

    Hey guys what is the best IEM for working out that are also comfortable. My price range is about 100
  6. Khaeotica

    canalphones for iPod/iPhone/iPad

      Hi there,   Need for an advice regarding a good pair of closed & dynamic canalphones for running my iPod/iPhone/iPad. So, what would you guys recommend from the bunch of offers out there?   I've heard that the new Sennheiser IE 8 (with its augmented companion Sennheiser IE 8i) is a...
  7. Vlooienuker

    Which To Buy - S2 - CX680 - CX 550 Style II - CX500 - RE0 - AD700 - Cowon S9?

    Hey Head fier's,   I currently own the S2's, CX680's, CX500's, HD 212 Pro's,Ipod Nano 4g (8gb) and Ipod Touch 2g(16gb). ( TBH I've got about 10 pairs of in-ears but don't want to mention them. Eg: SK Titans, MX660's, etc, etc.   I like the sound of my CX680's since its bright but not as...
  8. Adidas CX 680 Sports Earcanal Headphones with Volume Control and Earfin Holding System

    Adidas CX 680 Sports Earcanal Headphones with Volume Control and Earfin Holding System

    We partnered with Adidas on ergonomic design for a precise and comfortable fit.A unique moisture-resistant materials wicks away sweat and rain.Dynamic Sennheiser transducers deliver true sound performance. Designed for extreme movement. Flexible materials absorb shocks and strain. Short cable...