1. rattlingblanketwoman

    Advice - cheap DAPs (or even an LG G8?)

    Hello all, I am looking for a DAP so I can have something distraction-free. When I have some time to myself, often washing the dishes at night, is when I get to listen to my music. Nothing holds things up or keeps me stressed like going to change a track and seeing notifications (or just...
  2. MrWalkman

    Sony Walkman custom firmware (non-Android)

    Hello, In the "history" of available modifications for non-Android Sony players, there are two types of modifications: 1. Tuning mods - these consist of modifications done to the SWUpdate.xml file (that is located in the files of the Sony firmware updater tool), and they started to appear...
  3. T

    Sony A45 Bootloop, can I reset that without menu access?

    Hello, It's my 1. message, so hello Folks! I bought Sony A45. After receiving it, I fully charged it and was starting to use it. After no more than 2 hours A45 stucked in freezing state during building database for more than next 2h. After that it is in infinite bootloop until now, it's 4...