1. goyete

    Mourdant Short Genie 5.1 system (without sub-woofer)

    I sell the satellite speakers from the Mourdant Short Genie 5.1 Combo, only the sattellites (4 units of MS402 speaker and 1 unit of MS404 speaker). I don't have the subwoofer. I also include 2 original stands for 2 units of MS402. The speakers sounds/works fine, please ask me any doubt. The...
  2. BounceHouse420

    Should I set my PC Audio to 5.1 or Stereo when using headphones?

    In case it matters I have a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones with a Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx Soundcard.
  3. BounceHouse420

    What is the best 5.1 surround system for under 200$?

    I need to replace my current 5.1 surround system my current one is a Logitech Z-5300 whose information can be found at https://www.cnet.com/products/logitech-z-5300e/specs/. Also, I have a SoundBlaster Audigy Rx/5 on my PC so it should have all of the require jacks for any surround system on the...
  4. WhiteW0lf

    Connecting a Yamaha YHT1840 System to a PC

    Hi everyone! I'm new here on the forum and I got word of it from a friend that everyone here is pretty good at helping beginners such as me! =D The problem at hand is as follows: I have a full Surround 5.1 Yamaha YHT1840 System lying around and I wish to connect it to my PC for movie viewing...
  5. Raviere

    Audio amateur, setup advice.

    Hello, I currently own a pair Steelseries 9h headphones that I have been using as my primary headset since I am an avid gamer. I have several questions that I simply cannot find so if I can either ask for direction or new advice it would be appreciated. I recently purchased on Massdrop the...
  6. Xenon-135

    How do I hook up my 5.1 sound system to my Sound Blaster audigy rx sound card?

    The sound system: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z-5300-5-1-Channel-Surround-Speaker/dp/B0000C20R9 The sound card: https://us.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-audigy-rx Those are the pictures of what they are in case anyone was wondering. I had so many cables I figured I would...
  7. nadavs2310

    Should I buy Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB

    Hi! I have HD598SE without an amp and I saw that someone near me is selling this sound card for about 50$ like new and new in my country costs about 90$, Should I buy it? will I feel any diffrence? is it a good sound card in general? and will I feel both the 5.1 and still the soundstage of my...