1. Rolley

    Upgrade from HiFiMAN HE-4XX (or your favorite fun headphones under 500)?

    Hey guys, I've had my HiFiMAN HE-4XX for about 18 months now and before this I used Sennheiser HD6XX and Beyerdynamics DT770 (80). I've enjoyed the HE-4XX the most by quite a large margin. To me, these are a fantastic fun headphone with a decent amount of bass which I like. I'm looking to...
  2. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Custom Phantom + Ares II Bespoke 4.4mm SOld

    Hi I am selling my beloved custom empire ears phantoms with my ares II 8wires cable. The cable is terminated to 4.4mm balanced sony pentacon with carbon fiber plug. Reason of sell, with all my audiophile pathe I acquired newer higher end gear. My hearing has reached a new lvl of evolution in...
  3. cskippy

    SOLD: Hifiman HE-500 w Focus A pads

    This is so incredibly hard to do as all of these pieces of gear have brought me joy time and time again. Unfortunately, recent medical bills necessitate the sale of most of my audio gear. I'll do my best to ship in a timely manner but a broken foot and no car means traveling is difficult. Please...
  4. 4

    FS: HiFiMan HE-500 w/Focus Pads

    Selling 3 week old HiFiMan HE-500 in like new condition. They come with completely new and never used Focus Pads in velour and leather, to improve comfort. The headphones were purchased new in late April, 2018, from a store in Norway. They have since purchase been used for a total of maybe 25...
  5. Sennheiser GSP 500

    Sennheiser GSP 500

    For the official product page, visit: https://www.sennheiser.com/gaming-headset-open-acoustic-gsp-500
  6. LarsGrootkarzij

    Looking for new IEMS ($400/$500)

    Hi, so i recently lost my sennheiser ie80 so i have to find a new pair of IEMS. The things i want in an IEM are a very huge soundstage as that makes me enjoy it more and a bit of bass. Always had the feeling that with the ie80 i did not get the bang for buck I wanted. I did not like the mids and...