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Zynsonix XEV Headphone Extension Cable

  • The Xev headphone extension cable features hand braided 24 gauge silver plated copper in teflon wire, and is terminated with a Neutrik 1/4" plug, Neutrik locking 1/4" jack, Furutech 1/4" or a variety of other connectors.

Recent Reviews

  1. BeatsWork
    Best accessory I've ever purchased for my gear
    Written by BeatsWork
    Published Jan 1, 2015
    Pros - SHARP looking cable strong enough to pull a car out of a ditch (This is an exaggeration - do not attempt)
    Cons - Using slick new blue leather tag which doesn't match my prior cable :frowning2: (1st world problems ...)
    Xev Balanced XLR Extension Cable 
    I purchased a short 5 foot HE-500 replacement cable on the principle of "Shorter run" is better - see prior review http://www.head-fi.org/users/279370/reviews
    This worked just fine for listening sessions but when I was working I had a bad habit of forgetting that I was on a short leash, turning around to grab something off the the printer and - well the results where fairly predicable.  
    + 1 for Trebuchet that having the XLR yanked from Amp by the wire had absolutely no effect.  Just me nervously checking for damage.
    Anyhow Bryan offered a good deal on a matching Trebuchet extension cable or he had a partially finished Xev cable from a cancelled order and made an even better offer as all he had to do was add another XLR connector.
    So what I got was a fully braided Xev cable sleeved with black techflex that's about 9 feet (silver clad copper).  [Again not sold on Silver but the price was right!]
    1. Craftsmanship is impeccable.  Uniform tight sleeve over litz braided wire and according to Bryan it's flame resistant.  Hopefully he discovered this in the shop not based on customer misadventure :-o
    2. Looks:  If you read my prior review you'll see I'm not in to vanity purchases but I have to say this cable is sharp and sexy and I love the new subtle but distinctive Blue Leather Zynsonix logoed tag (Ok maybe I'm just a wee bit vain)
    3. Durability:  Office chair wheels + hardwood floors = Nothing.  Not so much as a blemish on the sleeving.
    4. Sound: Only intended to use while working but cannot discern any difference with combined 14ft of cable and base 5 ft cable so now it just stays on permanently. 
    5. Usability:  Easily the best accessory I've ever bought for getting more use out of my gear.
    As always Bryan is a pleasure to deal with and genuinely takes an interest in what you're "playing with" at the moment and rarity of rarities - he actually follows up to see if cable is meeting your expectations.


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