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  1. Zelda
    Review - ZOLO Liberty+
    Written by Zelda
    Published Nov 19, 2018
    Pros - Build Quality and with IPX5; Decent noise isolation; Powerful and fun sound presentation; good quality (for total-wireless); solid Bluetooth connection
    Cons - Large earpieces; Short tips and small nozzle
    ZOLO Audio - Liberty+ - True Wireless earphones

    zolo L+ (1).jpg

    Website - ZOLO Audio

    zolo L+ (2).jpg

    zolo L+ (3).jpg
    Official info Liberty series

    • Drivers: 2 x Dynamic 6mm Graphene driver
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
    • Audio Codec: AAC, SBC
    • Transparency - Sound Isolation
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • Microphone (right earphone only): MEMS with EC/NR technology
    • Battery:
      • Earbuds: up to 3.5hrs audio playback
      • Charge case: 48+hrs additional audio playback
    • Sweat Proof IPX5 Rated
    • Power Source: Micro USB 5V/1.5A
    • APP - ZOLO Life
    • Smart Assistant Support (right earphone only)
    Price: U$150, on Amazon.

    Warranty: 1 year.

    zolo L+ (7).jpg


    The included accessory pack consists of four pairs of the Zolo patented GripFit silicone jacket, six pairs of ear tips, the portable charge case and USB charging cable (A to Micro type). The tips are soft and very short so the nozzle is placed right at the top. Three of the different silicone ear Gripfit vary only in the upper round fin size and the fourth has no fin on it. The USB cable is of good quality in its cool yellow color, not too surprising being Zolo part of Anker company that specializes in media cables. The case is all metal on the outside with a smooth finish, though a bit heavy and large for best portable use, but considering the extra 48hrs of charge it provides there's not much room to complain about.

    zolo L+ (8).jpg

    zolo L+ (10).jpg

    zolo L+ (11).jpg


    The earpieces are made entirely of plastic in a whole black color theme. They are lightweight but look durable enough. They also feature IPX5; so sweat proof and would hold a light rain too. Despite the small 6mm drivers, the shells are on the large side as there's need to hold the whole total wireless tech inside. The nozzle is very short and not too wide, and with the included very short ear tips the nozzle sits just at the opening of the tips. The included tips attach very well, and while other tips may be used they do not hold properly to the nozzle.

    zolo L+ (14).jpg

    The shape is still well finished in a smooth rounded form factor, though the large volume on it may limit the ergonomics. Fit is fine but may need some try at first in order to achieve the best seal for best sound quality. The thin silicone grips do help to achieve a more secure fit, but the fins on them are too short. People with smaller ears might need to remove the Gripfit.

    A good thing is that with the very tight fit and large earpieces occupying most of the outer ear part the isolation is good despite the shallow fit of the Liberty+.

    zolo L+ (12).jpg

    zolo L+ (13).jpg

    Wireless performance

    While was only possible to test the Zolo Liberty+ with up to Bluetooth 4.2 and not the 5.0 version it may support, the pairing is very easy with strong connection as long as kept within the wireless range. Once powered on the devices quickly recognize the earphones and a short sound may be heard when connected.

    Both sides have a single button that serves as power, playback, call and extra features included in the Liberty+.

    There is an extra feature referred as ' Toggle Sound Isolation' that lets user listen to the surroundings without need of removing the units or pausing the music. It is a cool feature for sure; however, the quality is below average. It kind of amplifies the whole world outside but it sounds quite unnatural and inaccurate; still good if used for a quick listening, but not to be used as a main feature. Moreover, when the feature is on the music quality is a bit lowered as it gets mixed with the outside noise.
    Sound Quality

    The first thing to notice on the Zolo Liberty+ is how loud these total wireless earphones can sound. The single dynamic graphene driver of just 6mm is very efficient on its Bluetooth connection, reaching at most half of the volume steps on a standard smartphone, and even much lower from more dedicated portable audio players, like the Shanling M0 or Hidizs AP200.

    Along with the BT 5.0 and long battery, what mainly got my interest on the Liberty+ was the use of a graphene driver. The last single driver IEM I've tried using this driver material was the iBasso IT01 which still performs really well for its price. The Liberty+ may not share the same technology as the wired IT01 with a larger 10mm driver inside, but surprisingly shows similar sonic characteristics that might be common among the graphene stuff.
    The sound starts with a strong emphasis on the bass region and very powerful in impact. The bass balance is actually good and instead of being simply focused on the mid-bass part, the lift starts from the sub-bass resgion and goes slightly bigger towards the mid and upper bass part. It's not a bass cannon with a raw texture as a simple heavy-bass signature, instead it delivers the bass with good control and separation, leaving a fairly clean lower midrange response. Layering and depth is around average; quite decent considering the total wireless option over the usual wired stuff. Overall, it's more about sheer power and fun than total accuracy.

    Midrange arrives in a kind of lively u-shaped sound signature, so not too forward but not particularly distant either. Rather neutral in tonality, not very warm despite the strong low-end response and yet doesn't sound cold or thin. Good in balance overall, and if anything, there is just some extra presence of lower over upper mids. Decent separation and weight on instruments, not much depth but show good sense of air. Voices sound neither too sweet nor dry, and just a bit more distant on female singers without much emotion on them.

    Upper midrange gets more energy and goes all the way to the lower treble; not so untypical for a common v or u shaped kind of sound. Control is good and does not sound peaky or sibilant, tough there is a hint of grain sometimes. The treble does show a kind of artificial timbre, nothing too severe and rather acceptable for a full wireless option.

    Sound stage and detail are good, and can be well compared to a good ~$100 IEM; more than acceptable adding the whole wireless tech inside. The Liberty+ does not sound too wide but it has a kind of powerful, bold and uncompromising sound well meant more for active use than critical listening.

    zolo L+ (15).jpg


    The Zolo Liberty+ is a quite positive total wireless option. While the battery on the earphones themselves is just around the lower standard nowadays, the included extra case makes up for that if you don't mind carrying it along. And while there're some observations on the design, it's mostly comfortable with a good noise isolation level. Most importantly, the sound presentation is fun and powerful, uncompromising, with good detail and overall quality.
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