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Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers:
Latest IEM design with 2DD subwoofers featuring 10mm polymer diaphragms in an isobaric configuration for enhanced sub-bass frequencies and tactile quality.

Studio Tuning Precision: Professional studio monitor tuning with a focused sub-bass shelf at 300Hz, delivering impactful and precise bass, clean and neutral midrange, and natural treble peaks at 3kHz. Ideal for musicians, engineers, and audiophiles seeking accuracy.


Balanced Armature Excellence: Incorporating the latest Sonion 26A05 dual BA driver and Knowles 33518 super tweeter in a 3-way crossover with the 2DD sub-woofer system, achieving optimal tonal balance and technical performance for studio and stage applications.

Immersive Sound Experience: Enjoy an immersive audio experience with the Cincotres, combining innovative subwoofer technology, studio-grade tuning, and advanced balanced armature drivers for a rich, detailed, and accurate interpretation of music.


  • Studio-grade tuning
  • Large diaphragm dynamic drivers
  • 3-way crossover
  • High quality Knowles and Sonion balanced armature drivers


PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm, 4.4mm

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New Head-Fier
ZIIGAAT CINCOTRES review of hyibrd iem by ICYGENIUS 🎧
Pros: Great looks and build
Best warm neutral tuning conception
Massive insanely textured bass
High-quality saturation and distortion of bass notes and guitars
The mids are super neutral and come through very sweetly
High transparency and large amount of air
Treble is super detailed with excellent extension
The soundstage is insane, the different planes and instrument mapping are perfect
Cons: For me, no, for this price the absolute leader right now, if you like this kind of tuning, just take this set.
Ziigaat Cincotres are the best neutral hybrid headphones worth $259, and today in this review I’ll tell you why!
They come in a medium-sized box with the model name on the front part and the technical characteristics are listed here and the sound is provided by 2 dynamic drivers and 3 armatures drivers, of which two are from Sonion, and 1 from Knowles, and the sensitivity is 104 dB, and they received 11 ohm impedance.

Let's take a look at what's included!
- Good copper cable with 2 pin connectors and a 3.5 jack plug but you can buy cable with 4.4 jack
- Thick branded Ziigaat case
- Foam tips
- Silicone ear tips
And the headphones themselves are made of smooth dark resin with an unusual front panel design that shimmers beautifully in the light.

They have a standard 2-pin connector and next to it there is a single hole for compensation, and on the inside we have a large inscription “Сincotres” with the serial number of the model and an indication of the left and right channels, but the sound guide here is metal with a mesh and with a dedicated edge for ear tips clung here more securely.


Both the fit and comfort are excellent here, the headphones sit in the ears very tightly, nothing presses anywhere even after several hours, it’s a pleasure to use them.

(Tuning and Conception)
Now, friends, we have come to the most important part of the review, namely the analysis of the sound of Ziigaat Cincotres hybrid headphones and we will begin, as usual, with an analysis of their tuning, which is presented here in the form of an absolute and, in my opinion, wonderful warm neutral tonality with an increase in low frequencies by 8 dB which is already very good and should be enough for most listeners, except probably some fierce bassheads, and what is also worth noting is this very neat gain in the upper mids without going overboard, and extremely long high frequencies with excellent extension, well, you must agree, it’s just beautiful graph close to my target.

(Low Frequencies)
And let's start with the low frequencies, which are presented here as very massive with a dense, dedicated mid-bass pumping, with excellent sub-bass depth and a clear highlight of punch and that same vigorous concentrated blow, the bass here does not feel relaxed on impact or muddy since there is a very clear highlighted impulse upon impact and simply truly gorgeous transparency and transmission of all saturation and various harmonics and distortion of guitars and bass parts.
(Mid Frequencies)
The mid frequencies here have a very warm and neutral tone, which simply literally caresses your ears with its smoothness and layering, and the vocal part, even in particularly energetic compositions, does not tire at all, and every time I want to listen to these headphones only more and more, and it’s worth noting the excellent transparency and airiness due to which this area is presented with extremely correct timbre, and with a very clear and reliable separation of instruments in space without any constriction or blurring of images , that is with focusing and making plans, everything is in complete order and is extremely precise and precisely positioned, and probably even gamers will be very happy, since this is important not only in music.

(High Frequencies)
And the high frequencies here are just the perfect ending since they are very detailed, super long and, what is important, informative, with an excellent technical part and, most importantly, there is no bad reinforcement timbre, sibilance or additional excessive brightness, these headphones serve this area very well in my opinion correct and extremely reliable, and to some extent you can even say it’s monitor-like, since immediately upon listening, it becomes clear that they have absolutely no goal of somehow decorating this area and add something from themselves by strengthening this range, on the contrary, they transmit all the recordings as they are as accurately as possible, and what is no less important, they reveal this range no worse because with analytics and attacks there is complete order of cymbals and percussion and all their initial clicks in the form of attacks can be heard very clearly, and even what I noticed very often in these headphones I hear more noticeable compression work in music on drums, which, for example, I had not noticed before on other headphones , and as for me, there is a perfect balance between a musical presentation that immerses and carries you away into the music, and a very technical monitor and reliable analytics where you can analyze various compositions.
My conclusion on this headphones!
Ziigaat Cincotres is now one of the best neutral and completely non-tiring headphones that I have listened to lately, with an insanely well-developed textured massive bass, warm and transparent mids and very informative and detailed high frequencies, and I am sure this tuning and such a very clear concept settings will appeal to many audiophiles.
Aliexpress DD-Audio Store:

I will be glad if you subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch this full review on Ziigaat Cincotres.
Magnum Chaos
Magnum Chaos
Thanks for the review bro, I love how they sound with my FiiO Q15.


100+ Head-Fier
Shimmering treble is quite bad, but overall its a decent IEM with a too high pricetag imo
Pros: Bass is balanced quite well, it very rarely comes off as too much or boosted, its very tastefully done.
Crisp percussion, hihats and guitars makes (some) music like synthwave and 80s rock (which both have that dry kickdrum in common) sound nice, but not without compromise.
Works well with most EDM that is warm and bassy.
Cons: Shimmering treble makes many (dry/bright) tracks sound metallic sparkly which ruins the treble, its a giant compromise; for all tracks that don't have a lot of treble and is mostly warm its a non-issue.
Midbass is slightly too much and sometimes sound a bit like it mutes details and resolution or makes sound seem distant even if it is right in your ears.
Quite a lot of tracks comes off as too bright, even EDM
I will update this review soon after I received more eartips and write a full review, but I made up my mind. I think what this IEM suffers from the most is the shimmering metallic treble which I can't unhear.. It destroys its ability to be used in a lot of my library such as everything just shimmers. Shimmering shimmer peaks that destroys the rest of the sound. :zipper_mouth: :deadhorse::scream::expressionless:
This cause alone is enough for me to warrant another 1 star penalty.. because 4/5 would be "I love it for the price its fair and excellent - would be hard finding something to beat it, but its not perfect".

3 is like.. "I like it, but it has flaws that makes me unable to enjoy 360 degrees of my music library" - and thats even being nice imo. Sadly I'm very treble sensitive when it comes to flaws like this. 2.5/5 would be harsh, but 3 is fair I feel, I initially set it at 3.5 stars but honestly.. I think the shimmering is so bad in many tracks you would even expect it to be good in, its a letdown in all ways. The compromise of getting a crisp treble at the cost of making too many details seem too bright and "dry" is not worth it.. It works with synthwave, 80s rock, but not with sparkly ambient or similar trance/EDM details like leads, choirs.. Its too bright, non-neutral, too dry at peaks.

Changing my Topping E30 DAC from filter 3 (default, neutral) to filter 6 (warmest) helps "slightly" but I'm not fond of equalizing IEMs.

To make examples of what music sounds great on these without sounding too "dry" in the treble:

(Lets start with 80s rock)

Drums are crisp, guitar and keyboard are airy and full bodied​

Drums are airy, guitar is clear and sparkly​

Bass is well-controlled, drums are airy.​

Warm vocal, crisp and airy drums​

Crisp guitar, sparkly bells, detailed vocals​

(Then synthwave)

This does perfect with the crisp drums.​

This works, obviously because its a very warm bass and warm track overall.. This is the kind of music that does well with this IEM.​

Also works great, because its warm, its bassy and not that sparkly.​

Of course it works, because its WARM.​

(Then less fortunate synthwave tracks for this particular IEM)

This track actually reveals some of the extra shimmering I'm talking about, its quite annoying because otherwise this track would have been a warm and bassy synthwave that it should be able to do 🤷‍♂️

It sounds alright, but you get the feeling that the track comes across brighter and drier kicks than neutral cuz of the shimmering, which is a shame..​

Its quite clear in this track that it does the treble bad.. Its shimmering AF, it sounds distorted and low resolving.
(Trying on a different source: iPhone 15 Pro Max with USB-C adapter -> jack instead of my desktop amp = same results, its BAD, horrible shim-shim-shimmering)

... and while the AirPods Pro 2nd are far too bassy for this track and less detailed it doesn't shimmer in this track like these do, Cincotres is unique for that metallic shimmer. Actually AirPods Pro 2nd is opposite of Cincotres it presents the track as bassy and Cincotres presents it as too bright shimmer.

Everyone knows this track from the movie Drive.. and its also shimmering like hell and far too dry and bright shimmer in the treble

Verdict: Overall I like it, but I'm very disappointed in the shimmering which severely limits my listening pleasure. I don't really understand why someone can think its OK to release something that distorts the treble this bad. From start to finish its been the shimmering thats been holding me back from loving the crap out of this IEM cuz I really would if NOT that dreaded shimmering treble was so colored. The shimmering makes you wanna back off from so many tracks and thats what makes it tiring to listen to. Its not initially very obvious, but once you listen to more than a few genres you will clearly hear it and you will not like it.. These IEMs simply don't work well with tracks with bright details (which excludes a lot) - the 80s kickdrum as is used in synthwave is kind of sound these IEMs does best with in my opinion, as well as warm and bassy music. I think this IEM should cost no more than $150 straight up! It has too many flaws to warrant this high pricetag.
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If you like muffled-sounding headphones, then this is not a reason to complain about headphones with good high-frequency expansion.
@alex24rus these are not neutral in the treble. I know my music I listen to it on various sources and its never as dry as these present it.
I just compared these tracks to Hype4 and the last few tracks with the shimmering is a non-issue.. Absolutely no reason not to upgrade to Hype4 over this set you'll be glad you did as overall it comes off as a much better, more neutral and natural tonality.


100+ Head-Fier
ZiiGat Cincotres - Unique Sound
Pros: Energetic and crisp treble yet inoffensive
Good bass performance, good control and texture
Good ergonomics and beautiful faceplate
High price performance ratio
Cons: Bass response is quite dependent on the seal and eartips, make sure to get a good seal and tip roll if necessary

ZiiGat is a relatively new brand which is sold by Linsoul exclusively. The brand has released several IEMs, namely the Cinno and Nuo,and also the Doscinco, which I have also tested and reviewed previously and found to be really good for the asking price. I have the Cincotres with me today which has the same configuration: 2DD+3BA as Doscinco, in which the two DDs are arranged in isobaric configuration.
Build quality is very solid and features beautiful faceplate as well, metal nozzle, it is neither short nor long for my ear anatomy. Packaging is rather minimal i would say, the stock cable, eartips, faux leather storage case and the IEM itself. Doscinco and Cincotres, size for both of the IEMs are similar, the difference lies on the faceplate.
In terms of comfort, the Cincotres does not have any sharp edges and I use them for several hours a day and I did not feel any discomfort throughout my listening session. They are in fact similar to the Doscinco which i had already reviewed
Prior to writing this review, Cincotres has been run in for roughly 20 hours, and in my opinion, the DD does benefit from the burn in.

Equipment and Software used
  • Aune S9C -> Earmen CH-AMP
  • Fiio K9 AKM
  • Aune Yuki
  • Macbook Air M2
  • Apple Music/Tidal/foobar2k
  • Tempotec V3
My review is solely based on what I hear via my equipment and I never consider my reviews to be objective in any way rather a subjective approach. Do take into consideration that everyone’s ear anatomy is not the same, so the psychoacoustics perception might be different as well, but i believe it will not stray too far


Sound Impression

Upon first listening impression, Cincotres sounds quite neutral to my ears with a sub bass boost, it is fairly detailed yet it is not offensive, it doesn’t sound dull and quite a refreshing tuning i would say. Slight warmish tonality with fairly natural timbre, still a slight hint of BA timbre is there if you pay real hard attention to it. Note weight is neither too thin nor thick.

  • Fairly good speed and doesn’t sound bloated or muddy when listening to busy tracks such as Slipknot’s People’s = crap!, Metallica’s Lux Aeterna, it handled the speed drumming and kick flawlessly, without sounding muddy nor bleeding into the mids
  • Sub bass has good extension and very rumbly when the track calls for it
  • The transition from sub to mid bass is very good, the mid bass doesn’t lack punch and the sub and mid bass complement each other very well
  • The bass has good texture and doesn’t sound “loose”
  • The mids are neither too forward nor recessed, just right to my ears
  • They mids are not too thick nor thin, overall, i would say they’re clean sounding
  • Vocal positioning is slightly forward but not intimate
  • Male and female vocal has good texture to it and doesn’t sound thin, female vocal has good bite and energy to it, very enjoyable
  • The bass doesn’t bleed into this range which is good
  • Pinna gain is rather safe and never shouty even when the volume is being cranked up
  • Treble is very crisp and has good bite to it, yet they’re not offensive, but retains enough energy to not sound dark
  • Extension is fairly good and i have nothing to complain about
  • Good amount of air and presence, hence it does give a good stage size perception
  • Detail retrieval is good as you can pick up some minute details in the background
  • Soundstage is slightly out of your head with good width, and depth, slightly lacking in terms of height perception
  • Separation is good for the asking price, i would say it is above average for the price point
  • Imaging is good as the instruments can be pinpointed easily even during busy track
  • Cincotres is not hard to drive but it does scale well with more power, in terms of dynamics and bass control
  • Most of the entry level/mid range dongles will do just fine but desktop setup will squeeze every bit out of the Cincotres
Comparison (ZiiGat’s Doscinco)
  • Warmer sounding overall, thicker note weight
  • Bass quantity is slightly more than Cincotres, hence packing more punch
  • Soundstage is more or less similar, detail retrieval is slightly lacking compared to Cincotres
  • Mids has good body and vocals are not too recessed nor forward in the mix, the vocal is not as forward compared to Cincotres
  • Upper mids are not perceived as shouty as well
  • Overall, the Doscinco is tuned differently and i would say when you just want to chill and have fun, grab Doscinco, if you decide that today you want to have a critical listening session, Cincotres is the one you’ll be grabbing


Final Thoughts
As ZiiGat is stepping up on their IEM game, their releases has been interesting so far, from Cinno, Nuo, to Doscinco and Cincotres which i have tested today, they’re very interesting in terms of sonic performance as well as the price point, the Cincotres reminds me of the Etymotic’s EVO, in a way, they are quite similar(based on my HRTF and Audible Spectrum) except the bass on the Cincotres has better extension packing a lot more punch and quantity.
I would even go as far as saying the Cincotres is punching above its price point, at 269$, with the sonic performance as well as the build quality that it offers, i will not hesitate in recommending the Cincotres to anyone who likes this sort of sound signature that i have described in this review, both the Doscinco and Cincotres are unique in their own way, they shouldn’t be under the radar and more people should be made aware of this brand’s release.

*A big thanks to Linsoul for sending this over for the purpose of this review. Thanks for the support and opportunity as always

Head over to their store if you are interested in getting a pair:

ZiiGat Cincotres- Non affiliated

Excellent review. I have the Cincotres, and listening now find they are so precise in the sound stage. When I crank up the volume the bass is fantastic, while not overwhelming the excellent, non fatiguing treble. I am thinking of getting the Doscinco also, likely will go for the Dusks and Gizaudio Dunu Davincis as endgames. (For this year anyway.) Interesting that having the Ziigaats for about a month that they are so good, so balanced, they almost are too competent.
stock eartips are trash, i think the bad seal is due to the harder silicon material. Im using Sony Ex11 clones, TRN T tips and Divinus tips, they give me perfect seal especially the first two due to the softer more conforming silicone.
@SlhDub , i have to agree with you on that, if you have Dunu's SS tip, try that as well, they have quite good synergy with this.



I have these too; I also bought them on HBB's recommendation, and agree with everything @earlybirdthr33 said. I find these to be excellent for their price and their place in the market. I am particularly impressed by the bass. I don't know if "impact" is the right word to use, but you can feel the bass without it being overpowering, in a way that seems very reminiscent of the Sony XBA-N3's bass, and that I've heard on no other IEM.

The Cincotres is now my new daily driver.

The only minor let down is the chin slider on the included cable. It's very loose/doesn't stay put where positioned, but I worked around that by putting a tiny orthodonture rubber band on the cable right below it for more friction.

I'm no reviewer, but I'm surprised this IEM has no reviews on this site, it deserves some!
Do these present any tinge of shoutyness, harshness, peakyness in the upper mids and treble by any means? For example Vocals, Trumpets, Cymbals, Snares ? Also does the bass hit harder with better rumble than EM6L, Tnagzu Fudu ?


New Head-Fier
Do these present any tinge of shoutyness, harshness, peakyness in the upper mids and treble by any means? For example Vocals, Trumpets, Cymbals, Snares ?

Not in my experience. I found the IE 600 to be spicier in that regard than the Cincotres, but the mids and treble certainly aren't lacking, I love the tuning.

Also does the bass hit harder with better rumble than EM6L, Tnagzu Fudu ?

Haven't heard either of those, sorry!


New Head-Fier
What do you guys think about the incl cable? Looks decent.
I'd say it's average. I like the understated look, but there's not much notable either way about the wire itself, which I'd say is a good thing. It's not stiff.

Two nitpicks about the cable:

1. Useless chin slider doesn't stay positioned
2. Plug housing seems slightly longer than average to me which could possibly affect use with a pocketed device


New Head-Fier
Do these present any tinge of shoutyness, harshness, peakyness in the upper mids and treble by any means? For example Vocals, Trumpets, Cymbals, Snares ? Also does the bass hit harder with better rumble than EM6L, Tnagzu Fud

Do these present any tinge of shoutyness, harshness, peakyness in the upper mids and treble by any means? For example Vocals, Trumpets, Cymbals, Snares ? Also does the bass hit harder with better rumble than EM6L, Tnagzu Fudu ?
The Cincotres have more bass and db than my EM6L, and they re not shouty or sibilant at all. With the Simgot EM6L we have this excellent bang for buck IEMs which needed burn in, foams tips, and EQ to dial in. And they are quite good. The Cincotres are superior to my ears in everyway. They absolutely are bangers with good DAC/AMP. daily driver now. No IEM purchases necesary for me until after $1k < likely will try to pick up some UM, Thieaudio, or Fat Freq as endgame. Until then.. my IEM needs are quite satisfied with these Ziigaats.


The Cincotres have more bass and db than my EM6L, and they re not shouty or sibilant at all. With the Simgot EM6L we have this excellent bang for buck IEMs which needed burn in, foams tips, and EQ to dial in. And they are quite good. The Cincotres are superior to my ears in everyway. They absolutely are bangers with good DAC/AMP. daily driver now. No IEM purchases necesary for me until after $1k < likely will try to pick up some UM, Thieaudio, or Fat Freq as endgame. Until then.. my IEM needs are quite satisfied with these Ziigaats.
thanks, i ordered the Doscinco anyway. I will report back if its worth it.


100+ Head-Fier
Jay's Audio recommended "mid-volume" with these.

How do you guys find they handle high volume? What suffers, what changes? :)


100+ Head-Fier
Normally I'm not a foam tip guy.. but damn.. those foam tips make all the difference for this kit. I'm thinking the silicone tips aren't sealing well enough for me!

Impressive bass slam:raised_hands::sunglasses: and excellent details and resolution meanwhile (rare).. Totally worth the money!:L3000:So much sparkle:star2:✨ yet such a well-controlled bass slam!

With silicone tips initially I felt it lacked a bit of body.. Foam tips did all the difference and I normally ain't a foam tip guy :zipper_mouth:


100+ Head-Fier
Ok.. I think I am ready to give some well-founded but short criticism until I get some more eartips to test with.

I got new pairs of Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec and Pentaconn Coreir Brass.

They are both an improvement, but currently prefer the Xelastec.

What I can say about the Cincotres so far as a few shortcomings after the honeymoon period is over:

* Sound seems distant on some tracks, even if you play loud it seems like the soundstage is "forward" in front of you and not inside your ear. Driver configuration maybe?

* Treble albeit being crisp with percussion and overall a good compromise, also sometimes sounds a bit off and colored. There's a lot of metallic shimmering in some tracks that doesn't belong there! The best way I can describe it is a dry hihat sounds a little bit "too dry", quite "peaky" imo. By far this is my largest critique point with this IEM, the shimmering is quite bad on many tracks. Turning my E30 DAC from filter 3 (default) to filter 6 (warmest) helps very slightly.

* Midbass is slightly too much.. I like bass, I'm a major basshead (check my Listening now postings), but even I think the midbass is just a smidge too much affecting the overall clarity but the treble peak is kind of what tries to make up for it. (I can't imagine the Doscinto being better at all, only worse.. I highly agree with Jays Audio on this, even if he seems to give Doscinto a "go" and even go as far as call it 'Endgame bass', for whom, if not "true bassheads" ?)

That being said I have also heard other more weirdly tuned IEMs in sortof the same pricerange like the IKKO OH10 which is sibilant and sssshh sparklish.. Which I find worse in all regards.. So Cincotres is probably still among the best in this pricerange, but I find it does have flaws.

I have ordered a ton of more eartips.. I'll keep you updated..
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Heraldo Jones

New Head-Fier
Hi fam, a few month ago since the las messages, but would love to know if anyone have got the SuperMix4 and how the compare to the Cincotres. I have beenn thinking on getting one, but dunno what.