Zalman USA ZM-RSA 5.1 Channel Headphone Amp

General Information

Despite the fact that computers have become commonplace at home and at workplaces for a long time, true user friendliness of the computers is still a long shot. Zalman Tech strives to make that goal a closer reality through extensive research and development of its products and will continue to put efforts to creating more enhanced levels of user friendliness in computing.PRODUCT FEATURES:Compatible with Home Theater Systems (AV Amplifiers);Compatible with Home Game Consoles supporting multi-channel audio;Compatible with 5.1 channel desktop PC soundcards;Dual outputs for two users;Front left/right, rear left/right and center/sub woofer inputs and outputs;Independent volume control for each user;Sub Woofer channel support for compatibility with Zalman's Real Surround Sound Headphones.


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