YURBUDS Venture Duro Sport Earphones, Orange

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  1. boxfox
    "Venture Duro Review"
    Pros - durable, good sound quality, good fit
    Cons - material of cord
    Intro rant
    I purchased the Yurbuds Venture Duro because I was looking for something durable and with good sound quality. I find these earbuds to be both durable and have good sound quality. When you wonder what I mean by sound quality, I can tell you that I haven't owned many pairs of headphones. If it sounds good and has some depth then I find it acceptable. They sound better than my last pair which lasted through 2 years of abuse for me, my last pair was the Altec Lansing muzx classic, they had a cloth sleeve which I fell in love with so when I set out looking for my next pair I wanted something with a cloth sleeve, and something that could live the same life as my last pair.
    This is my biggest con.
    When I viewed the Venture Duro on the website, and read the description it lead me to believe that these earbuds had a cloth cord.....Which they sort of do. But it is enclosed in a horrible rubber material. This was my biggest disappointment. It is not the nice rubber you get with common cords, it is this kind that feels slightly semi-sticky to the touch, you can run your hand along it and feel some of the dust it's picked up.
    The cord is the biggest downfall of these earbuds, I hate it. It doesn't help the tangling since it's a semi-sticky like rubber material and it loves to kink. I carry my phone in my pocket and it sucks to reach into my pants pocket to get my phone out when my hand rubs against this cord, it hurts. It also makes the cord stiff, the cord doesn't seem to fall freely.
      Another issue is that they are noisy, if the cables flop around or bump into each other or your clothing you will be able to hear it if you are lightly listening to music. I had a cloth cord pair of earbuds before and sometimes you had to deal with the noise of the cloth rubbing against your clothes. But I find this to be more annoying and noticeable.
      One of the only reasons I will be returning these, is because this rubber cord material.
    I have never encountered any other headphones with this kind of cord material, and I think it was a horrible decision by Yurbuds.
    The rest of the construction is solid, seems very durable. The ear pieces are very nice and soft.
    Sound Quality
    I enjoy the sound, I think that it is very acceptable. I am in no way an audiophile. I was worried that the ambient noise would be an issue, but I really don't mind it for daily use, it lets in about as much as a piece of rubber stuck into your ear can. Depending on how loud your music is you can block out the outside world anyway. You still get to hear the sound in great quality, bass is there.
    The sound is better than my last pair of $30 dollar earbuds so I'm happy.
    I find that sometimes it can be difficult to adjust, sometimes you have to play with the fit. But once you get it, they feel comfortable and stay feeling comfortable. Though I don't enjoy how far in the ear the earpiece goes, sometimes it feels like it's probing my ear canal and I have to shake off the feeling before trying to put the earbuds back in. I'd consider them comfortable after getting them to fit in correctly. They stay in nicely until the weird rubber on the cord snags on an article of clothing and tugs it out of place.
    The quikclik is awesome, it's a fun feature and works well.
    Other notes
    On a note of durability, I was worried that the Venture Duro would have the same jack sleeve as the other yurbuds, the jack sleeve construction on the other yurbuds looked weak. I emailed yurbuds to ask if the Venture Duro had the same jack sleeve as the other yurbuds. The answer I got from a rep was "yes". But that wasn't the truth...Good job customer service. The Venture Duro actually has a different jack sleeve.
    Bottom Line
    I like these earbuds, they are abit expensive though. And if I'm going to pay $60 dollars then I should be more than satisfied, which I'm not.
    And mostly it is because of the cord material, it just feels bad to the touch. But that is my opinion and I will be returning them.
    Other notes
    I picked up a pair of Monster iSport Strive, another stay in the ear design pair of earbuds. Comparing the two, the Yurbuds Venture Duro beats them in sound, the yurbuds give much deeper bass and more full sound. The comfort of the Yurbuds Venture Duro is far superior also.
    The Monster iSport Strive is the better stay in the ear design, it will not shift around as much. But it's also the more painful of the two.
    Also I have some photos, and I can't seem to upload them here, so I have provided links.
    Since Yurbuds is a lazy company who cannot give a good enough description of their product and provide false information to potential customers.(I almost didn't buy these earbuds because I believed they had the same jack as the other yurbud earbuds.)
    Here is the jack http://i.imgur.com/yVp5Uwj.jpg
    Here is the cord http://i.imgur.com/GY6FrAi.jpg
    Here is a picture of the earbuds without the rubber http://i.imgur.com/OZlI0tf.jpg